If you’re gonna rock, rock like you mean it.

05 Feb

With all the shit going on in Greece and the rest of the world, I recently got the impression that more new rock bands are coming up.  
We saw a very nice cover band the other day called FreeManJam.  They played rhythm and blues as well as classic rock covers.  Excellent musicians and I believe at least one of them is a teacher at a music school here in Athens.  We all had a great time:  The club’s atmosphere was well-suited for the sounds encompassing the surroundings.  People sang along to many great tunes of the past as more and more people were drawn into the Rooster Club.  Indeed, a great band and one worthy of checking out on their next gig.  Their lineup: Manos Karzis on Guitars/Vocals – Dimitris Kolligris on Bass and Giannis Dimoulas on Drums.
Last night we had the pleasure of attending another live event with Greek rock legend, Dimitris Poulikakos.  You can check here to watch him talking on an 80’s documentary about Greek rock.
If you can speak Greek that is…
With just Poulikakos and guitar player Nikos Spyropoulos (former member of the band Spyridoula) on stage, they played Poulikakos material as well as a few cover songs by The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and others.  Their voices were powerful and youthful… both young and old were thumping to the beat as the Master and Uncle of Greek Rock belted out song after song.  Their set finished much too quickly for any fan of this powerhouse of Greek Rock history.
Two very good new Greek bands opened, going by the names Skysent Lu and Illusion.
According to Wikipedia, Poulikakos was born in 1943 and right now the calendar says 2011…
Well I don’t know about you but there is only one thing popping into my mind after that…
If you’re gonna rock, rock like you mean it.

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