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Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll

Ian Dury could have been anybody’s hero.  He represented the people who refuse to give up even when life has treated them hard.  He was an extremely intelligent man who had a talent of making rhymes.  He also could make the people around him feel uncomfortable although he was the one that had to struggle with the disabilities handed down to him after becoming infected with polio during his childhood. 

Even with all these difficulties Ian knew how to enjoy life.  What he left us was his music and his own powerful point of view regarding life.  Cause he laughed at misery, bitterness, and pain. 

And he made his point…

You don’t need to have a physical problem to act as a problematic person.

It’s all in our heads…

An inspirational movie with an excellent performance by Andy Serkis, you’ll look deep into the heart and soul of a great artist.

A must see.


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