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Rubies from the Underground

Stress and pressing issues.  Distractions and discontent.  The world keeps spinning and I decided it’s time to step off the merry-go-round for a few moments to myself.

Thumbing through a massive collection of CDs piling up on the corner of my desk I find exactly what I need.  Long overdue and highly anticipated, I decide this is exactly where I want to find myself in this moment of “for me” time.

I finally made it to listen to Robin O’Brien’s album “The Apple in Man” which was released in 2009 through Luxotone Records.

When I say “I finally made it” I mean I made it before the release of her forthcoming album titled “The Empty Bowl”…

“The Apple in Man” is O’Brien’s third release, after the EP “Fore” in 2006 and the full length album “Eye and Storm” in 2008.

These three releases hold remixed material of O’Brien’s tracks covering an era from the 80’s till now, as she has been an active member in the underground cassette movement.

“The Apple in Man” holds 12 very well-penned tracks that immediately get the listener’s attention.

To quote something from Luxotone’s page: “What you hear in her songs and performances, reviewers keep pointing out, is an artist that could easily, if only because of her gorgeous voice and larger-than-life personality, have been sucked into the commercial music machine and spit out shiny, generic, and boring.”

I won’t write here a review about each track of the album as I don’t believe in reviews.

Instead I will mention the titles of my three favourite songs of this CD: The opening track “Day/Apple”, “October” and “Mama”.

Unfortunately there is only one track on YouTube to help you get a taste of this “The Apple in Man”, so I will let you enjoy.

For more information about Robin O’Brien’s recordings on Luxotone, click here.

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New Zero God – News and Live Announcements

On February 27, New Zero God will play live at To Onoma Tou Rodou club in Kallithea, Athens.  The band will then travel all the way to Thessaloniki for their next gig on March 5 at Eightball Club, with local band Background Noise Suppression lending support.  

The band’s singer, Mike Pougounas, gave a detailed interview to BCBlonde Banks for the January 2011 issue of MUEN Magazine based in Los Angeles (USA).  Meanwhile, SONIK Magazine of Greece featured an article by Pougounas, as well as brief histories on all three of his bands (The Flowers Of Romance | Nexus | New Zero God) in its February 2011 special “Goth Issue”.

New Zero God kicked off the New Year at the Limbo Club with their new line up and the debut performance of Harris Stavrakas on bass.  Stavrakas is no stranger to the music scene and fans from Pougounas’ first band, The Flowers Of Romance, packed the house where a great time was had by all who attended.

The band’s new line-up is as follows: Mike Pougounas – Vocals | Dimitris “Sidheog” Steves – Drums | Michael Christou – Guitars | Harris Stavrakas – Bass.

You can buy their album “Fun Is A Four Letter Word” from CD Baby | Amazon USA Amazon UKAmazon Germany Amazon France, in addition to multiple record shops and international distributors.

New Zero God - Live at Eightball Club, Thessaloniki - 5 March 2011


Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll

Ian Dury could have been anybody’s hero.  He represented the people who refuse to give up even when life has treated them hard.  He was an extremely intelligent man who had a talent of making rhymes.  He also could make the people around him feel uncomfortable although he was the one that had to struggle with the disabilities handed down to him after becoming infected with polio during his childhood. 

Even with all these difficulties Ian knew how to enjoy life.  What he left us was his music and his own powerful point of view regarding life.  Cause he laughed at misery, bitterness, and pain. 

And he made his point…

You don’t need to have a physical problem to act as a problematic person.

It’s all in our heads…

An inspirational movie with an excellent performance by Andy Serkis, you’ll look deep into the heart and soul of a great artist.

A must see.


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“…The stock market was in heat and big-timers made money out of it…”

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The London Bass Guitar Show

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All NEW Devilish Presley video “The Beast Must Die”