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The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

The Murder of Sophie Lancaster was a murder case in the United Kingdom in 2007. The victim, along with her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, was attacked by a number of males in their late teens while walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale in Lancashire. As a result of her severe head injuries she went into a coma, never regained consciousness, and later died. The police said the attack may have been provoked by the couple’s wearing gothic fashion and being members of the goth subculture. (From Wikipedia)

In August 2007, Sophie Lancaster was kicked to death, simply for dressing differently. Ιn tribute to the outgoing, bubbly girl who was denied the chance to live life her way, cult new British make-up brand Illamasqua has commissioned a short film by award-winning French director, Fursy Teyssier.

Produced by creative agency Propaganda, in association with iconic British band, Portishead, Dark Angel is a beautifully haunting rendition of Sophie’s story.

The aim of the film is to raise awareness of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and generate £500,000 to help educate young people about tolerance. Since Sophie’s death, we’ve been working with behavioural experts Huthwaite International, to put together an interactive youth workshop that does just that.

But this essential education programme can only be delivered with your help.

Please, please show your support watch the film and make a donation.

A note from Sophie’s mum, Sylvia
Since Sophie’s death on August 24th 2007, following the horrific attack on her and her partner Rob in Stubbeylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire, we have had lots of kind offers of support and donations. Sophie and Rob dressed in their unique way, expressing their individuality as creative artistic people.

After consulting family and friends, we felt that a charity should be set up in Sophie’s name. The charity, known as The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, will focus on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities.

It will also work in conjunction with politicians and police forces to ensure individuals who are part of subcultures are protected by the law.

Enjoy the website. And please get in touch with us if you have any messages, feedback or questions.

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A nice little vid.

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chewing gun – Industrial Chewing Machine

Industrial Chewing Machine” is the 2011 debut album of the Athenian band, Chewing Gun.  It is a self-produced album by this 4-piece act that is putting its mark on the map of the Greek underground rock scene.

With the current line up of singer/guitar player Takis Markou, bass player Giannis Gekis, drummer Tasos Peppas, and guitar player Giorgos Christopoulos, Chewing Gun has managed to release a very interesting 10-track album.

Their sound covers a musical spectrum from King Crimson to Tool, and, as far as I know, the band was working on this album for over a year.  As you may have already realized, we are talking about a band that plays rock fusion, a music genre which cannot be labelled as “mainstream”.  Since I don’t like putting musicians under labels, I, therefore, won’t do it now with this album.  The only thing I can say is that you should give them a listen and come up with your own opinion.

Check this video and if you like what you hear, click here to get in touch with them.


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The Hiram Key

You might know The Cureheads.  Formed in 1990, they originally hail from London and are a tribute band dedicated to The Cure.  They’ve toured the UK, USA, and Europe.  The band’s members have also served in the lineups of other bands such as Nosferatu, Killing Miranda, and a few others.

From this original band came the evolution of “The Hiram Key“, a new band which shares almost the same musicians as The Cureheads.  The Hiram Key consists of Gary Clarke (ex-Nosferatu), Sean Flude (ex-Noah), Roi Robertson (on loan from his Mechanical Cabaret), and Belle Star (Nosferatu/Killing Miranda).  All four of them are with The Cureheads.
The band has two releases, “The Quest EP” and “The Map EP”, both of which are available on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes.  Their new album, “Amerikafka” will also be available in the same places upon its upcoming release.
Their sound is close to the sound of The Cure and Echo & the Bunnymen, with touches of Joy Division and Bauhaus thrown into the mix.

Here is a teaser clip for you:

This very active band recently added into their live schedule a June 26 show with Inkubus Sukkubus in London.  This will follow on the heels of their German Tour with Ikon.

You can buy tickets for this show directly through and avoid the booking fee.
The Hiram Key have put up an exclusive brand new tune (Too Lazy to Cry) which can be downloaded for free by visiting Also, if you join their official website you can get their Live album totally free.  This will be made available after April 7th when it airs on Swiss National Radio.


Breaking News…

Very sad news coming over the wires …

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor


Legendary actress, Elizabeth Taylor (age 79), has passed away at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles of congestive heart failure. 

The two-time Oscar winner was lovingly surrounded by her children.

Read more here:

CNN | BBC | Wikipedia

And sadly, once again, I offer my two cents for the ferryman. 

Rest In Peace, Dame Taylor.

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Getting Your Goth On with New Zero God, Dominion, Nightbreed…

There are days when I’m truly happy that this internet invention exists.  Although I long for the days of yore when a trip to the record store brought me complete happiness, I must admit, the immediacy that the internet provides quickly overshadows those long-lost days.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love going to the few record shops that exist, and I still feel a thrill as I finger through albums of the past.  But … I also relish that I can sit in my sleeping attire, coffee by my side, and browse through whatever strikes my fancy.

And such was the case today …

Mike Pougounas of New Zero God

Mike Pougounas of New Zero God

Our hometown boys, New Zero God, have been busy … indeed, quite busy … and it appears that they have caught the attention of several countries outside the borders.  First it was Brazil, then GermanyItaly, AustraliaUnited States, Canada, and now they’ve made their way all the way to England.

Dominion Magazine, a U.K. based publication, has released a preview of their printed magazine’s highlights.  The leading story is brought to you by Cassandra, who not only writes for Dominion and Terrorizer Magazine, but also hosts her own show, Cassandra’s Castle, on Nightbreed Radio

Dominion Magazine [UK]And naturally, you know where this is bringing us… Dominion’s leading story features an in-depth article on Cassandra’s recent conversation with Mike Pougounas of New Zero God, who has been no stranger in this blog. 

As most of you who follow tribe4mian already know, Mike has led quite an active life in the world of music.  He’s not only the frontman and vocalist of New Zero God, but he also formed The Flowers Of Romance back in the 80s, Greece’s great (if not THE greatest) gothic rock band, and whose tunes still stand their ground all these years later. 

Pougounas is also a founding member of Nexus, Greece’s first industrial rock band, and the founder of Cyberdelia Records.  Rather than give you a double-dose of repetitive reading, I suggest you click on the following link to bring you right to Dominion’s article on the band, the man, the industry, and lots of other goodies.

“From the publishers of Terrorizer, Dominion delves into the depths of gothic, darkwave, industrial, EBM and all things dark and delicious. Exclusively available in Terrorizer, it has all the reviews, news and views you’ve come to expect from the world’s most extreme music magazine.”
Dominion has also chosen the New Zero God video, “Kiss the Witch“, from their “Fun Is A Four Letter Word” release, as their featured Video of the Week.  (Filmed live at After Dark by JohannesAngel of The Venus Shrine.)

Speaking of live shows, you can catch New Zero God live at An Club in Athens next Thursday (7 April) where they’ll be sharing the stage with Background Noise Suppression of Thessaloniki and Penny Dreadful with Yiannis Kalifatidis from Into the Abyss on vocals and guitar.  As I mentioned in a previous post, after having caught New Zero God and Background Noise Suppression at their recent show at EightBall Club in Thessaloniki, I’m truly looking forward to next week’s show with Penny Dreadful joining them on stage. 

New Zero God with Background Noise Suppression and Penny Dreadful, Live at AN CLUB, April 7, 2011

Here at tribe4mian, we try to keep you up-to-date with the latest news, and sometimes we’re the first to publically announce “new news”.  Here’s something that hasn’t been officially announced up till now… 

New Zero God will be performing live at next weekend’s three-day festival to support the residents of Keratea

Keratea Art Resistance Festival

We’ll bring you much more news on this festival in a later posting devoted exclusively to the event.  It promises to be one of the most important and well-attended causes of the year and we hope you’ll include at least one of the days in your own schedule of things to do.

Going back to an earlier mention of Nightbreed Radio, Trevor Bamford, aka “The Darklord“, announced last night that they uploaded some New Zero God tracks to their “Fourth Wave” playlist.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out Nightbreed Radio yet, I suggest you do so. 

Nightbreed Radio

I’ve kept their radio up and running for hours on end since discovering them a couple of days ago and I have yet to be disappointed.  From “Cassandra’s Castle” to “Fourth Wave”, and to all the shows on their roster, it’s truly been pleasurable to sit and work with this playing in the background.

Click HERE to grab your own dose of Nightbreed Radio…

So until next time, we bid you ado and send you many wishes for a peaceful and relaxing read.


The Best of Don Campau Vol. 2 (2000-2009)

After listening to each of the tracks on this album, I silently laughed at the idea of how uncomfortable this album would make some people feel from any one of a multitude of record labels…
The artist is not some rookie in the music world.
Music world, not music business.
He managed to keep himself clear from the blood thirsty/soul chewing music industry for almost 40 years.  Through the underground network, in which Don Campau is one of the most vital tentacles, he offers his own music compositions.  Available on cassettes or CDs, the one I am writing about today is the second compilation of his songs covering the era 2000-2009. 
The Best of…Vol. 2” is a rock’n’roll album all the way.
It’s a fast, speedy album and carries some strong garage punk elements, fun, very little folk melodies, sarcasm, aggression, as well as some surprises … such as the closing track “So I Pretend To Be (Suite)”.  A retrospective collection of 18 songs, Campau is offering his voice on all the tracks and plays most of the instruments himself.  Some tracks are also featured in albums he released during this past decade with Greg Gray, Eric Wallack, Fate Sanders (unreleased), Ray Carmen, Chris Phinney, Dino DiMuro, Kevyn Dymond, Michael J. Bowman and Mars Dark.
My favorite tracks: “Stop, Don’t Go”,  “Man on A Mission”, “Mr. Hyde”, “Why Do I Do This?”, “Djakarta Get Out”.
You can get in touch with the artist here