The Best of Don Campau Vol. 2 (2000-2009)

16 Mar

After listening to each of the tracks on this album, I silently laughed at the idea of how uncomfortable this album would make some people feel from any one of a multitude of record labels…
The artist is not some rookie in the music world.
Music world, not music business.
He managed to keep himself clear from the blood thirsty/soul chewing music industry for almost 40 years.  Through the underground network, in which Don Campau is one of the most vital tentacles, he offers his own music compositions.  Available on cassettes or CDs, the one I am writing about today is the second compilation of his songs covering the era 2000-2009. 
The Best of…Vol. 2” is a rock’n’roll album all the way.
It’s a fast, speedy album and carries some strong garage punk elements, fun, very little folk melodies, sarcasm, aggression, as well as some surprises … such as the closing track “So I Pretend To Be (Suite)”.  A retrospective collection of 18 songs, Campau is offering his voice on all the tracks and plays most of the instruments himself.  Some tracks are also featured in albums he released during this past decade with Greg Gray, Eric Wallack, Fate Sanders (unreleased), Ray Carmen, Chris Phinney, Dino DiMuro, Kevyn Dymond, Michael J. Bowman and Mars Dark.
My favorite tracks: “Stop, Don’t Go”,  “Man on A Mission”, “Mr. Hyde”, “Why Do I Do This?”, “Djakarta Get Out”.
You can get in touch with the artist here


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