The Hiram Key

28 Mar

You might know The Cureheads.  Formed in 1990, they originally hail from London and are a tribute band dedicated to The Cure.  They’ve toured the UK, USA, and Europe.  The band’s members have also served in the lineups of other bands such as Nosferatu, Killing Miranda, and a few others.

From this original band came the evolution of “The Hiram Key“, a new band which shares almost the same musicians as The Cureheads.  The Hiram Key consists of Gary Clarke (ex-Nosferatu), Sean Flude (ex-Noah), Roi Robertson (on loan from his Mechanical Cabaret), and Belle Star (Nosferatu/Killing Miranda).  All four of them are with The Cureheads.
The band has two releases, “The Quest EP” and “The Map EP”, both of which are available on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes.  Their new album, “Amerikafka” will also be available in the same places upon its upcoming release.
Their sound is close to the sound of The Cure and Echo & the Bunnymen, with touches of Joy Division and Bauhaus thrown into the mix.

Here is a teaser clip for you:

This very active band recently added into their live schedule a June 26 show with Inkubus Sukkubus in London.  This will follow on the heels of their German Tour with Ikon.

You can buy tickets for this show directly through and avoid the booking fee.
The Hiram Key have put up an exclusive brand new tune (Too Lazy to Cry) which can be downloaded for free by visiting Also, if you join their official website you can get their Live album totally free.  This will be made available after April 7th when it airs on Swiss National Radio.


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