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Open the gates and let the Nightbreed in

Trevor Bamford

Trevor Bamford is not unknown in Goth circles.  Hailing from Nottingham, England, he has been around for about 30 years playing music, running Nightbreed Records and owning Nightbreed Radio.  A busy man one might say, and I, for one, am quite sure he is even busier than most would imagine.

We recently sat down with Trevor to get his views on the music scene.

Tribe: Trevor, you witnessed the peak of the Gothic scene and the downfall of it. Do you believe that the scene is rising again?  In your opinion, was there even any downfall?

Trevor: I was going to say, I don’t think there has been a downfall as such, just a new perspective on things. To me the Gothic scene was at its most strongest in the 90’s as that was when the scene in the UK had a sense of its self being genuinely underground and being most clearly “Gothic” rather than “alternative” or whatever. But on reflection I think every decade has something new to add.

Tribe: Every New Dead Ghost were amongst the most unique and active Post-Punk/Gothic Rock bands since their foundation in 1986. If I am not mistaken, that was your first band. What would create the need for a youngster to form a post punk/gothic rock band in the 80s? Is there fertile ground for something like that to happen again nowadays ?

Trevor: I think there is always a reason for a young person to pick up their guitar and have another go at music. Music is passion and feeling and people are always going to want to express themselves. I see this in my day job as I teach young musicians. The passion is still there for sure.

Tribe: Till their demise in 1992 the band released three studio albums, one live album and a number of singles and EP’s. Which bands influenced Every New Dead Ghost and why did the band split?

Trevor: I think there were a mix of influences at work with ENDG. The main ones from myself that went into the mix were Killing Joke, Play Dead and Hawkwind. But I think the others liked stuff like New Model Army, Rush, The Ramones, Into A Circle etc. I am sure that all of this went into the music. As for why we split, I think that we had all given it “a good go” and we felt we had gone as far as we could and we wanted to go into different things.

Tribe: I was told that it’s like a ‘contagious bug’ when you do radio. You know, people who are doing radio shows become addicted and fall in love with it. I know you have your own show on Nightbreed Radio so I guess you know best. Is it true? How did you come up with the idea for Nightbreed Radio?

TrevorYeah it’s true, I think all of the dj’s feel the same. It’s also a nice thing to hear a collection of tracks you think the world should hear being given just that chance. The idea evolved out of a collection of online conversations about the idea of having a radio show for Nightbreed + then it gradually evolved into being a reality.

Tribe: How do you pick the radio hosts for Nightbreed radio?  What is that special something one must possess to join the Nightbreed radio force?

TrevorWell, usually they ask me if they can do it and we just get talking from there. I suppose the special qualities are that you should be genuinely in love with music.

Tribe: Back in 1993-94 you released your first solo CD maxi, Gothtec.  I know that every new start is difficult. How was it for you and your new project, Midnight Configuration?

TrevorWow that is a long time ago now. Quite scary when you think about how many years have gone past. Starting MC on the back of ENDG was quite difficult and right from the off it was clear that a number of ENDG fans didn’t like what MC did, but also I gained new fans that thought that ENDG were too punky and liked the dense quality of MC. Also with the first EP, I was not really sure what I was doing and also wanted to try out some new ideas, which I did.

Tribe: Midnight Configuration are/were dealing with horror films and fetishism.  How different was that project from ENDG? Not only lyrically but also musically?

TrevorWell really, totally. ENDG had a definite set of parameters that didn’t include any of the above, and with MC, at least up until Dark Hours Of The Southern Cross that was pretty much exclusively what I talked about. ENDG were a band of their time and were essentially “rock”, which is all good.  But I wanted to take things  into the realm of machines, samples and darkness. Which is what I have done with MC.

Tribe: Owning Nightbreed Records gave you the chance to listen to unsigned bands. Nightbreed has a great catalogue of wonderful bands not only from England but also from other countries, too. What is the feeling of finding an unsigned band you like and saying “I will release this album cause I believe it deserves to be known to the world”?

TrevorIt is a great feeling, and it is something I was part of on a number of occasions. I felt like I was adding to the culture in my own way. If you think about it, we are born, we run around a little, and then we die. One thing I would like to think is that we all should try and add something to the mix before we ride off into the last sunset.Lol

Tribe: Which are your favourite bands, leaving aside the Nightbreed artists in order to not piss off anybody?

TrevorMy personal fav bands (except the NB bands) are: Chrome, Hawkwind, Play Dead, Killing Joke, Black Sabbath, Todd Rundgren, Neil Young, Siouxie And The Banshees,

Tribe: Since you worked in the underground during the snail mail days, what is your opinion about the internet?

TrevorI think it is a wonderful thing and also a terrible thing. On one hand the access to information and music and the ability to communicate to large numbers of people is amazing. On the other hand the same qualities that make the internet great can be abused.

Tribe: What differences do you find between your last work “The Unquiet Void” and your debut album “Kissing Skull”?

TrevorThat’s very difficult to say as I am so close to it. I think that The Kissing Skull was of its time and I am proud of it, but at the same time the sound and production were not totally what I had in my mind. Whereas with The Unquiet Void and for the last few albums, I have had total control, better equipment and better technical skills. So that I think is the main difference. That and the fact that in some respects the sound of the new album is closer in tone to ENDG as I have been using more guitars + writing songs that have more guitar parts in them.

Tribe: I still must have a flyer of the Carnival of Souls somewhere around here but that is old news now. What does the future hold for Midnight Configuration? Can you please tell us the line up.

Trevor: If you have any old fliers please scan them for me and send the scans. As I have lost a lot of old NB history and I am currently building an online visual history.

As for MC, I am actually going to take a break with the band for a little while to concentrate on a new musical idea/potential project that I have in mind, but more of that once things are more sorted. The current line up of MC is myself on vocals, samples, keys, guitars. Nick Hokinson on guitar and backing vocals with occasional live assistance from Estelle Silver on keys , + Piers Edmundson on backing vocals.

Tribe: Yep, I will look for the flyer. I know it is difficult to be the artist and the label owner since things are running in different ways, but I have to ask this question: What is Nightbreed Records planning for the future?

TrevorWell, things here at NB are in a state of flux. It is fair to say that Nightbreed is now much more than a company that existed in the 90’s and I am not currently sure which way we will go. I expect that part of the expansion will include Nightbreed Radio, but I have an idea for an event that I might put into play.

Tribe: Please add whatever you might like to say that I may have forgotten to ask, or maybe I just don’t know about yet.

Trevor:. BTW if anyone is interested in joining up to the new Nightbreed online presence then please go to
Thank you for your interview.

Tribe:  Thank you very much for this interview, Trevor, and we send you our wishes for continued success in all you strive to achieve.  We appreciate all your efforts to keep the music alive and to bring the unknown into the known.

You can always check YouTube for more Every New Dead Ghost and Midnight Configuration.


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Tribe4mian Revisited

I must have woken up on the up-side of the bed this morning cause I felt the need to once again read through a few old posts from the tribe4mian blog.  I stumbled upon the Greek punk rock scene of the 80s and how it all started. 

Sometimes it’s nice reading about the days of our youth.

So, if you wanna take a glimpse into the generation that refuses to die, come read the posts I titled “Baby Steps To A New Era”.

You can click on the links and get an idea of how it was back then, as follows:
Baby Steps To a New Era I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI

If it’s videos you crave, you can take a peek at how the Greek punk rock scene was by clicking here, or, you can read about Lefki Symfonia, the first band of that generation that made it kinda big.

While we’re romping through nostalgic moments, you can read about my good Goth friends, Film Noir, a band we will all miss, Yell-O-Yell, and many more featured in each section of the Baby Steps series…

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Goths breed successfully in the wild

If you’re looking for a few humorous moments, go read THIS article.

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Totally Wired

Looking for something to do tonight?

There is a free-entrance bazaar being held at Horostasio Club – Skouleniou 2, Klafthmonos Square, Athens.

The event is called “Totally Wired” and there’ll be music, CDs and vinyl for sale, as well as jewelry, t-shirts, and loads of other items, all at discounted prices.

Entertainment will be provided by Kostas Tsironis & Nikos Sarikostas who will be spinning post-punk, new wave and electrowave tunes for your listening pleasure.

More details can be found at their Facebook event posting, HERE

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Poly Styrene, The world will miss your incredible voice.

Marianne Joan Elliott-Said, born 3 July 1957, is best known as Poly Styrene, singer of the pioneering punk rock band X-Ray Spex.

“On 29 October 2010, announced that Poly Styrene was to release a solo album titled Generation Indigo, produced by Martin Glover (aka Youth from Killing Joke), in March 2011.

She released a free download of “Black Christmas” in November 2010.  “Black Christmas” featured and was written in collaboration with Poly’s daughter, Celeste.  It was inspired by the killing spree in Los Angeles instigated by a man dressed as Santa Claus.” (from Wikipedia)

Poly Styrene died of cancer on 25 April 2011.


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For The Wolf Within

There are times when I don’t know where to begin… when an idea for a blog posting grabs hold of me and shakes me to my very foundation.  When a plethora of thoughts and emotions swirl savagely throughout my mind leaving me with no place to start.

Julian Lennon with Mom, Cynthia, at the Lupus Foundation of America, "Butterfly Gala" in New York City

Julian Lennon with Mom, Cynthia, at the Lupus Foundation of America, “Butterfly Gala 2010” in New York City

The month of May is dedicated as the official month for Lupus awareness, and it was announced late yesterday that Julian Lennon has been chosen as this year’s Global Ambassador by the Lupus Foundation of America‘s National Board of Directors.   The honor of being named this year’s ambassador was bestowed after an almost-lifetime dedication to the cause.  You see, it’s not by some fluke that Julian was picked.  Many years ago when he was just a child, he drew a picture for his father, the infamous John Lennon, depicting his friend, Lucy.  She was also one of the many who was striken with this unrelentless and often-debilitating disease.  John went on to write The Beatles hit, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds“, having been inspired by the picture that his little offspring scribbled onto a piece of paper.

I could make this a very long posting, filling you with statistics and random medical facts of Lupus, but instead, I think I’ll just jot down a few basic facts to let you know, in case you don’t already know, a little about the wolf within…

There are two main types of Lupus (Greek:  Lykos, meaning wolf):  Discoid Lupus, which affects the skin, and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, which affects all the internal stuff.  Of course, there are many sub-categories, such as Lupus Nephritis, which also brings along a whole spewing of even more sub-categories.  Let’s just stick with the basics, however, instead of making a posting which would qualify for listing in a medical journal.

There are approximately 5 million people world-wide who are affected by this autoimmune rheumatic disease, and most likely, this total includes people you know.  It’s not always visible, nor is it something that you’d figure out if the person didn’t tell you they have it.  And no two people are alike in their symptoms, in their afflictions.  What hurts today may not hurt tomorrow.  The tell-tale sign of Lupus is a butterfly-shaped rash on the face, but not everyone afflicted has this rash.  There’s no definitive test for Lupus, just a series of qualifications to be included in the tally of those who have it.

There’s no cure, either.

It can be life-threatening or something you just learn to live with, depending on which tissues/organs are striken at any given moment in time.  You can wake up today feeling wonderful, standing on chairs to clean the very tippity top of the kitchen cabinets, and tomorrow you may find yourself unable to get out of bed, unable to walk those 4000 miles to the bathroom, those 10,000 miles to the sofa.  In a nutshell, you live each day grateful for whatever DOESN’T hurt, and if everything hurts, well, you hope tomorrow will bring a better day.

You can’t “catch it”, you just wake up one day realizing something’s not right.  You may have had it for years and no one ever thought to look for it… Doctors are just too busy now-a-days to dig deep inside.  You present symptoms and they throw a label on you.  But with Lupus, the label isn’t clearly written.  You may have the symptoms of some disease, but not the actual disease itself.  Your immune system is in overdrive, attacking healthy stuff… making you appear to have something that you don’t.  Doctor after doctor unable to find the true culprit because they usually don’t bother to put two and two together.  Some people are even labelled as hypochondriacs and told to go home.  Others are referred to pain management clinics for pain-killing drugs in the hopes of silencing their cries for help.

Julian Lennon & James Scott Cook, "Lucy"Ms. Lucy Vodden was only 49 when she succumbed to the dreaded wolf in 2009.  That same year, friend, long-time Lupus supporter, philanthropist, and musician Julian Lennon, along with James Scott Cook, released the song, Lucy, in honor of Lucy Vodden.

Proceeds from the song benefit the Lupus Foundation of America and the St. Thomas Lupus Trust of London.

Although forty years had passed since Julian brought that little scribbling home, completely unaware at the profound impact his sketch would make on so many lives, everything came full-circle.  His little schoolmate put a face to a disease.  She, and he, would touch the lives of so many unknown faces in the vast forest of Lupus sufferers.

The following acoustic video is brought to you by the LFA, and in it you will not only hear the actual track, but you will also hear Lennon and Cook’s connection … inspiration, if you will … to the reason why they decided to make this a charitable song instead of just another studio track made available for sale.

So, for all of you Lucys out there, here’s hoping today found you with a ray of warmth … and may you always shine brilliantly like diamonds in the sky …

For more information on the Lupus Foundation of America, click HERE.

For more on the LFA’s selection of Julian Lennon as 2011’s Global Ambassador, click HERE.

For more on the symptoms of Lupus, as well as diagnosis and prognosis, you can visit the LFA HERE, or, another medical website,, that I personally like can be found HERE.  (In all honesty, there are lots of medical information sites I like, I’m throwing this one out, but you can always search for more through your own search engines.  As always, when in doubt of ANY medical condition, PLEASE contact your doctor or hospital.  Although I may speak harshly at times, I do hold all my faith in the medical staff and their expertise.)

You can also follow announcements, breakthroughs, and happenings by joining the LFA on Facebook, HERE.

… and because I keep singing this song in my head as I write this posting … here’s a completely unrelated song (except for its title, which always starts playing whenever I think of Lupus) “For The Wolf Within” the 1996 release by Greece‘s The Flowers Of Romance.  If you listen closely you will hear Wayne Hussey (Sisters of Mercy, The Mission UK) on second guitars.  (I do so love this album.)

Sending you our wishes for a safe and happy extended holiday weekend.  We’ll be back on Tuesday with more postings, rants, or raves.  🙂

… and don’t forget … charity begins at home.  We’re all suffering from serious financial constraints, however, there are many other ways that you can give without money.  Raising awareness is one, offering to help out a lupie during those “down and out” periods in time is another.  Be creative … use your imagination!   I’m sure there’s a whole plethora swirling about inside you if you only look deep enough to find it …


It’s a black, black planet…

They say that Dark Waters will be the first true alternative weekend event in Nottingham.  A 2-day festival, on the 13th and 14th of May 2011, involving live music and DJs that incorporate a wide variety of styles and musical influences.  Celebrating the best that Nottingham has to offer as well as introducing established bands and DJs from around the UK.

Live acts include: Psyche, No More, Attrition, Maleficent, Lesbian Bed Death, Resist, Devilish Presley, Scary Bitches, Method Cell, Luxury Stranger, In Isolation, The Last Cry and Dutch Order.

Tickets are priced at £30 Weekend, £18 Friday Night and £23 Saturday Night (subject to £1 B/Fee)

Tickets are available from the Dark Waters Website  or from Void Clothing Hockley Nottingham.

Since I mentioned Devilish Presley, I should tell you that the band has now finished mixing their fifth album at London’s Berry St. studio with producer Kevin Poree (Memphisto & Disgraceland).

Working up a set of fast and furious dark-flavoured gothic-punk songs with a more personal style of lyrics has now developed, and covers sex, drugs, humour, alienation and, of course, horror.

Devilish Presley was formed as a two-piece band by Jacqui Vixen and Johnny Navarro in 2003 and they were soon adopted by the UK goth scene with the albums Rust Garden (2003) and Disgraceland (2004) – but they very quickly widened their appeal.

Johnny was chosen as back-up guitar player by Meteors frontman P.Paul Fenech and toured Europe with him in (2008).

It was this unique abillity to cross over between genres that informed the critically acclaimed albums Memphisto (2006) and Flesh Ride (2008) and saw them become the support act on nineteen dates with The Damned in 2008.

The new album called “The Dark Triad” will be released on May 9th 2011.

Click here to read older post by Jez and Dave.

The March Violets are getting ready to release an EP called ‘Love Will Kill You‘ just before the tour starts and the debut album ‘Made Glorious‘ will be released by the end of the summer/early autumn.

Simon Hinkler will guest at the band’s gig in Leeds, with the possibility of a third band being added.

Read more about the band’s European dates here.

After six album releases between 1993 and 1997, Dave & Mark reformed Vendemmian in 2008 and now in 2011 have a brand new album titled ‘One In A Million‘.

Since the comeback they have blazed a trail across Europe and established themselves as one of the main acts in their genre.

Vendemmian have signed to Echozone / Sony and you can order it from here.

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World Goth Day Awards


As we already announced, May 22nd is the day that the Goth scene gets to celebrate it’s own being.

As the day is coming closer, special events show up.

So here is something new: Now you can click here to vote for your fave artist, band, album, festival etc.

Why is all that, you may ask…

The English Dominion Magazine has all the answers by holding exclusive interviews with the people behind the idea of the World Goth Day.

You can enjoy reading about it by simply clicking their names: Cruel Britannia and Martin Oldgoth 

Make May 22nd a special day.



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BP Fallon

Ramones & Marc Bolan - London 1976 (Photo by BP Fallon)

Ramones & Marc Bolan - London 1976 (Photo by BP Fallon)

I found this interview of BP Fallon’s.  If you don’t already know him, he is an Irish radio DJ since he was 17, but not only…

He is also the author of three best-selling books and he’s a photographer.

BP Fallon has also worked and toured with Led Zeppelin.  (He played the tom toms on “Whole Lotta Love”, live.) 

He’s mimed bass guitar with John Lennon’sInstant Karma” on Top Of The Pops, and worked at The Beatles’ Apple Records with Derek Taylor.

… and we’re not done, yet …

He became the publicist for Thin Lizzy and T.Rex, for whom he coined the term “T.Rextasy” (he was described by Marc Bolan as “Purple browed Beep” in the T.Rex hit “Telegram Sam“).

He worked as the press officer for  Island Records, representing Traffic, Joe Cocker, Free, King Crimson, Jimmy Cliff, Ian Dury, and he briefly managed Johnny Thunders .

He literary photographed every single rock’n’roll star on earth and he was also deejaying live for 1.8 million people when he joined U2 on the Zoo TV tour and wrote a book about it, titled “U2 Faraway So Close”.

BP Fallon won a Jacob’s Award for his RTÉ 2fm show,” The BP Fallon Orchestra”.

He started the multi-national club “Death Disco” with Alan McGee and he DJed on the road with the groups My Bloody Valentine and The Kills.

In December 2009 he released a solo record.

His photography of Marc Bolan and the Ramones on the top of this article belongs, of course, to him…

The following clips are from the interview and film by (and © by) Harley Sears.

You can follow BP Fallon here.

… and I thought I had a busy day …


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You Spin Me Round Like A Record!

Record Store Day 2011

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 16th of April, is International Record Store Day.  For months now we have been gathering money, cutting down the chips (just plain beer for us) and finally, the day is here!!!

So tomorrow, we’ll be taking a walk to three of our favourite record shops in Athens.

First we’ll go for a wake-up coffee to the record shop Diskadiko at 88 Kifisias Ave., Ampelokipi.  There we’ll find tons of vinyl (spare me the CD thing, please…) to crawl under and step on while we share irrelevant and weird information with the storekeeper and his customers.  Topics about “who did what on which album” and “how many girlfriends did the drummer of this band or that band have” will most certainly be told as we walk down memory lane.

Check Diskadiko Records on MySpace and YouTube .

Record Store Day

Then we’ll be off to visit Sonic Boom Records at Syrou 32, Kypseli to look for some new or used punk rock vinyl albums.  I’m sure more of those same conversations will carry on with each music enthusiast who comes spilling through the doors. 

Around 18:00 the band My Drunken Haze will be playing live at Sonic Boom and will surely pump up the atmosphere a few levels. 

You can find Sonic Boom online at the following:  Facebook | Official Site | eBay Store | GEMM.

To round off the day’s celebrations, we’ll give our feet a rest and drive all the way to Music Works Records at Agias Lavras 74, Petroupoli for free drinks, more vinyl, and once again to watch the movie “High Fidelity” while more interjections of jamming musicians will entertain our ears.

You can check Music Works Records on Facebook or their blog, which is only in Greek.

We hope you support your local record shops by planning to spend your Saturday rummaging through their collections!  You’ll never know what treasure you may find hidden amongst all that vinyl.  (Of course, you can always grab a CD or two, as well.)

(… if only I had saved that piece of paper …)

So, now we’re off to count what’s in our jiggling pockets.  Hopefully we’ll find enough hidden coins to add to our own collection of vinyl.

For more info, please visit the Official Record Store Day 2011 site [HERE].  You can also view special and exclusive Record Day 2011 releases [HERE].

Before we go, here’s a few words from The Ambassador of Record Store Day 2011…

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