The Hiram Key – Amerikafka

13 Apr

Do you remember the time when you were reading Charlie Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Arthur Rimbaud, Hermann Hesse, Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka and the sorts?

Ok, hold it right there.

I am under the impression that good guitar-oriented Gothic music is making a comeback.  You know, not that electro-not-exactly-trance-but-very-close-to-it genre that for some reason was baptized kinda “goth”.

There are new bands out there, like the English group The Hiram Key, that prove that Gothic is back!  The Hiram Key is a band with very experienced musicians (click here to read their bio) and what is better proof for that than … the recorded material, of course.

The title of their 10-track debut album is “Amerikafka”, and it’s inspired by Franz Kafka’s first novel, “Amerika”.  It took them 5 years to write the album in Istanbul, France, London, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Italy.

Now, here’s a clue that will help you understand that we are talking about very clever people:

“Amerika” was Kafka’s first novel.  It remained unfinished at the chapter about the Nature Theatre of Oklahoma.  The track “Amerikafka”, which opens the album, starts with the exact same sound samples of the track “The Nature Theatre Train” which closes the album, just like the fulfilling of a circle.

Leaving the mesmerising gothic-rock atmosphere of the opening track, one will find the album mix of the gothic-pop jewel “Arzu In The Mirror” and “Suzana” (featured in live version on the “Quest” EP).  Both songs have a very healthy influence from the Cure, to me, and “Suzana” also has a soft touch of the good-old Echo & the Bunnymen

While these two songs, along with “Solomon’s Tears”, can easily become gothic anthems, “Karl’s Song” will make you turn off the lights and look outside your window opening yourself to the song’s melody.

These are 10 tracks that can take the listener on a trip to the world of music with The Hiram Key.  A world of long lost love, ancient templar knights, the repetition of war, indecision, being bullied, growing up and all the other things a man in the throws of a Kafkaesque midlife crisis could experience.

But also a world of great melodies…

You can buy the album on CD Baby or iTunes.

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Posted by on April 13, 2011 in Goth, etc.


One response to “The Hiram Key – Amerikafka

  1. Ercin

    April 13, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I love this. This is my school teacher. WE loved hims very much.
    Yes he very clever. He teach us William Shakespeare and it is very fun. others teachers boring.


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