You Spin Me Round Like A Record!

15 Apr

Record Store Day 2011

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 16th of April, is International Record Store Day.  For months now we have been gathering money, cutting down the chips (just plain beer for us) and finally, the day is here!!!

So tomorrow, we’ll be taking a walk to three of our favourite record shops in Athens.

First we’ll go for a wake-up coffee to the record shop Diskadiko at 88 Kifisias Ave., Ampelokipi.  There we’ll find tons of vinyl (spare me the CD thing, please…) to crawl under and step on while we share irrelevant and weird information with the storekeeper and his customers.  Topics about “who did what on which album” and “how many girlfriends did the drummer of this band or that band have” will most certainly be told as we walk down memory lane.

Check Diskadiko Records on MySpace and YouTube .

Record Store Day

Then we’ll be off to visit Sonic Boom Records at Syrou 32, Kypseli to look for some new or used punk rock vinyl albums.  I’m sure more of those same conversations will carry on with each music enthusiast who comes spilling through the doors. 

Around 18:00 the band My Drunken Haze will be playing live at Sonic Boom and will surely pump up the atmosphere a few levels. 

You can find Sonic Boom online at the following:  Facebook | Official Site | eBay Store | GEMM.

To round off the day’s celebrations, we’ll give our feet a rest and drive all the way to Music Works Records at Agias Lavras 74, Petroupoli for free drinks, more vinyl, and once again to watch the movie “High Fidelity” while more interjections of jamming musicians will entertain our ears.

You can check Music Works Records on Facebook or their blog, which is only in Greek.

We hope you support your local record shops by planning to spend your Saturday rummaging through their collections!  You’ll never know what treasure you may find hidden amongst all that vinyl.  (Of course, you can always grab a CD or two, as well.)

(… if only I had saved that piece of paper …)

So, now we’re off to count what’s in our jiggling pockets.  Hopefully we’ll find enough hidden coins to add to our own collection of vinyl.

For more info, please visit the Official Record Store Day 2011 site [HERE].  You can also view special and exclusive Record Day 2011 releases [HERE].

Before we go, here’s a few words from The Ambassador of Record Store Day 2011…

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One response to “You Spin Me Round Like A Record!

  1. Music Works Records

    April 15, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Support your local record shop and RSD 2011!

    “Record stores can’t save your life. But they can give you a better one”
    (Nick Hornby)

    Greetings from Music Works Records, Petroupoli, Athens


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