Gig of the Day

01 May

The night holds a special event…  A charity gig at PassPort Club in the heart of Piraeus that aims to gather money for the Thiva-Lamia Women’s Prison.

The entrance will be free and the money will be gathered by donations.

There are four bands on the bill:

New Zero God will open at 21:30 with a 40-minute special set for the occasion.

You can read details about New Zero God HERE.

The first surprise that will follow is a special reunion of The Drops.  They will take the stage for the first time in 15 years with their original line up: singer/guitar player Eftsratios Egialitis, bass player Panagiotis Christoforou (member of Magic De Spell) and drummer Dimitri “Sidheog” Steves (member of New Zero God).

So, for all those who didn’t have the chance to experience a gig by The Drops back in their heyday, now you have it.

You can read details about The Drops HERE.

Random Plan

Random Plan

Random Plan is the name of the next band and they are a well-seasoned and experienced cover band with lots of gigs in their back pocket.

The night will close with a set by a special surprise guest band who have kept their identity under wraps till tonight’s performance. 

BUT just to give you a hint…

They are a band that was formed in the 80’s as a punk rock act and they’ve released lots of albums during their career.

Tonight’s event was put together by the St. Paul High School, Class of 1990.

And where will we be tonight?  … No where else but:

PassPort Club, Karaiskou 119, Plateia Korai, Piraeus

Great job, guys!


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