Devilish Presley. ‘ The Dark Triad ‘

02 May

Devilish Presley. ‘ The Dark Triad ‘

May 9th sees Devilish Presley unleash their 5th and most terrifying studio album to date ‘ The Dark Triad ‘. One of the most hard working band’s around serve up a blood chilling delight that will make your ears bleed and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end after listening to 12 tracks of pure vocal and guitar power. Just when you thought they were dead and buried they rise again after trials and tribulations within the band that nearly led to it’s very demise. They have re emerged stronger than ever!! This album bears testament to that…

‘ The Dark Triad ‘ is a monster of an album, fast loud and punchy to say the least with an average track time of just under 3 minutes. Starting off with ‘ Happy As Saturday ‘ which is the lead album track and throughout the pace hardly slackens.

Jacqui Vixen has taken over on lead vocals and guitar after injury forced her to stop playing bass in the band. ( A great shame ) She has been working with vocal coach Stevie Vann best known for her work with none other than Def Leppard and AC/DC. The results can be clearly heard. Her vocal range is now broader with increased power and direction while on ‘ Dance Floor Ghost ‘ it takes on a more haunting quality too. This is an emotive track dedicated to, as is the whole album to the duo’s friend Fee who committed suicide in Berlin 2 years ago.  A stand out track by far.

Johnny Navarro provides backing vocals while wielding chunky lead guitar riffs around like a possessed mad axeman, in fact, people have almost had their heads cleaved in two by the said guitarists axe wielding type antics at gigs!! ‘ Kiss Kiss Apocalypse ‘, ‘ Down Where you Belong ‘ and ‘ Zurich Psychological Club ‘ being fine examples of this. The next time your at a Devilish Presley gig and Johnny runs into the crowd guitar in hand, be afraid, be very afraid!!… ( Failing that, wear a hard hat )

The first single release from the album ‘ The Beast Must Die ‘ video has been creeping it’s way rightly so up YouTube’s ratings. Hand written lyrics, signed with a DVD version of the video released by the band has SOLD OUT!! Buy a physical cd version of ‘ The Dark Triad ‘  and there are 2 bonus tracks to be had, ‘ Don’t Come Any Closer ‘ and ‘ The Murder Parade ‘.

Narcissism, Machiavellianism & Psychopathy are the 3 personality disorders to which the album refers. The monsters they sing about refer to those of the self made variety. How many of us can say we don’t have any of those?!  This is a far superior album than the band’s last release ‘ Flesh Ride ‘. It is superior in every way. The songs are loud and in your face, the production is a hell of a lot better and the 12 tracks flow together to give what is no doubt their best album yet. Introspection after personal trials always seem to bring the best out in many a musician and band. ‘ The Shakers ‘ track alone show’s this is the case here from London’s Horrorbilly Punks. Monsters, rock n roll and death, it’s all here.

With Jacqui’s vocals now having a better, broader range and benefiting from increased confidence whilst Johnny being given a free murderous range out on guitar Devilish Presley have risen from the dead and evolved into one of the finest counter culture bands around with arguably this their best work to date in my opinion. You can’t keep this band down. HELL YEAH!!! Jez

‘ The Dark Triad ‘ track listing;

1. Happy As Saturday

2. City Of Dreadful Night

3. The Beast Must Die

4. Cocaine Joe

5. Down Where You Belong

6. Dance Floor Ghost

7. Is There Anybody There

8. Kiss Kiss Apocalypse

9. I Created A Monster

10. The Shakers

11. Horror Movie Head

12. Zurich Psychological Club

Bonus Tracks. ( Cd version ONLY )

13. Don’t Come Any Closer

14. The Murder Parade

Devilish Presley are;

Jacqui Vixen: Lead Vocals & Guitar

Johnny Navarro: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

All photographs Copyright Jez Keefe Photography


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