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07 May

Michael Palmer has led a remarkable life as a well-respected board-certified physician of Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Addiction Medicine.   He has also become a writing phenomenon as each of his 14 published medical thrillers have made their way onto the New York Times Best Sellers list.
HERE is his interview on Tribe4mian posted on 2010/01/15

There are some people who are musicians and some people who are music lovers.  Needless to say, there are musicians who are music lovers as well.   But what is there to point out regarding what part of your life music is taking.  Music is like a drug.  Once you taste it, it’s hard to leave it.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dave Alucard interview is HERE as it was posted on 2009/05/26

One day I found myself in Australia. Don’t ask me how, I just found myself there… People seem to believe that this is an isolated land, far away from the rest of the continents but I am sure for one thing: a lot of Aussie artists of all kinds and sizes are well known to  most of us.
Valerios Calocerinos has been playing the bass for Ikon and Lemon Avenue among others, and he is also a record label owner.
This interview was posted HERE back in 2009/06/16
Venus Fly Trap come from Northampton-UK and since the 80′s, they keep releasing albums and touring Europe.
So far, they toured the whole Europe and one thing I have to admit is that, knowing their leader, Alex Novak for a lot of years now, it slipped my mind that he was a member of one of my favourite bands, The Tempest..
Read all about it HERE.

Mick Magic was one of the prominent figures of the Cassette Scene.  Hailing from Frimley, Surrey, Mick formed the space rock band Magic Moments At Twilight Time, had a fanzine and a label called “Music & Elsewhere”, and also began the United World Underground project.
Read HERE the interview we posted we posted on 2010/09/15

Initially beginning as an electronic percussionist, and later as a recoding artist, Martin released three CD albums with Casualty Park.  He has also done commissioned scores for The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, The Oxygen Cable Network, and LionsGate Films. He was a member and co-writer of four albums for the electro/acoustic-improv group Sandbox Trio with Daniel Panasenko and Chuck Ehlis.
He also worked with Mick Karn and now, along with Percy Howard he has a new project called Hardboiled Wonderland and they are about to release a new album in June.
We interviewed him on 2009/03/24 and we will have to get a new one for their new release…
You can read it HERE

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