The World Goth Collective

18 May

Goth, Mosher, Freak, Metalhead, Rocker, Punk… Dressed in black from head to toe… maybe a chain, maybe a pin, maybe a stud… A bit of lace, a touch of leather, a buckle, a belt, maybe a feather …

Which of us hasn’t been creative… expressive …in how we dress, in how we appear to the outside world…

Now imagine being beaten to death, kicked so savagely that your very gender is not recognizable…

Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby (Photo from

Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby (Photo from

And that’s just what happened one August evening in the United Kingdom in 2007.  A young couple, Robert Maltby and his girlfriend of three years, Sophie Lancaster, were walking home through a park in Lancashire when a group of teenagers ganged up and began their vicious assault on Robert.  He was beaten unconscious. 

And as Sophie sat there protectively cradling her love in her arms, the group of teenagers turned their blows to her.  They kicked her head… they jumped on her head… over and over, Their attack was so vicious on the couple that no one could discern which was the male and which was the female.  Both Robert and Sophie were taken to hospitals in comas.  Robert slowly recovered over the next two weeks.  Sophie, however, never regained consciousness and was removed from life support when it was determined that she would never recover. 

… all because they were Goths … because they were different from their attackers … because …

There’s no justification.  Society as a whole has disintegrated to the lowest depths of humanity.  They’re not sure exactly how many participated in the murder and assault.  One thing is certain, a young girl is silenced, her creative flair will never have the opportunity to mature, her laughter cannot be heard …

The S.O.P.H.I.E. Lancaster Foundation was established in the hopes of preventing another senseless murder.  To try to bring understanding and acceptance into the human mix.  Sophie’s name provided the perfect acronym for the foundation’s aim:  Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere.  Her family, her friends, the Goth Community, and other subcultures banded together to change the world.

The S.O.P.H.I.E. Lancaster Foundation

These last few days brought the world together in another charitable way, too.

World Goth Day is quickly descending upon us, and as in the past, S.O.P.H.I.E. continues to play an important role in the gathering of people who love wearing all that black, all that lace, all those chains…

A collaborative effort was quickly put together by bands from all different corners of the world.  And I do mean QUICKLY.  With only a couple of days alloted, everyone scurried about to studios and the streets.  Audio clips were made, videos were taped, and everything was spliced together just as quick as quick could be.  For you see, the sole purpose was to put on a global production in order to raise some money for S.O.P.H.I.E. in time for World Goth Day.  Oddly enough, even though time was not on their side, they pulled it off, and had great FUN while doing so.

The below clip is the final cut of a 48-hour international production.  Hats off to Gary for pulling it off, and the greatest of bows to all those who stopped running in blind circles to participate in the first World Goth Collective.

*Featured bands participating in the The World Goth Collective: 

Dead HeavenUK | New Zero GodGreece | The Hiram KeyTurkey | Strap On HaloUSA | Midnight ConfigurationUK | NightPorterUK | AnkstSouth Africa

Cover Track of David Bowie‘s “Everyone Says Hi“.

We do hope you enjoyed the video and in the spirit of giving will make a donation (no matter how big or how small) to the S.O.P.H.I.E. Lancaster Foundation, HERE.  We’ll keep the S.O.P.H.I.E. banner running on the sidebar so that you can always check back on the foundation’s efforts, events, and progress.

Sending you our wishes for a peaceful evening. 🙂

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