Mission Possible

31 May

Mission possible …….The phone rang, with a crackle on the line “Oi Oi

Mr Alucard ..  your mission ..if you chose to accept it is to attend three gigs in

four days”   That’s possible I thought, Where what who and when .I took the details.

The first gig of the three was at the Hop Wakefield .I am not sure what the venue was trying to be, pub disco or art gallery .It had recently be refurbished and looked very nice and clean even the bogs! Downstairs there was a little corner stage complete with a little man whaling away about some thing but the main event was upstairs,

through the labyrinth of corridors and anti-rooms each with a bar inside. Jez and I bumped into a familiar face Eddie from The Vibrators, hang on …who have we come to see?

the U.K.Subs supported by Eureka Machines Eddie was helping out on transport duties

Eureka Machines looked smart, played hard and coordinated .I have seen this band before at the York D-V8 festival last year and had enjoyed their set .Once again they never disappointed. Now for the headline act the U.K.Subs.

With a slight smile and a nod of the head Charlie Harper attached his very own microphone to the stand and launched into the set. Like the Swiss movement of an expensive time peace the band, sharp and tight run through their classic numbers” I Live in a car” “C. I. D”  “Emotional Blackmail” to name but three plus, great to hear numbers from the new album “Work in Progress” stand out numbers “Hell is other People” “creation”

Snake hips Jet weaved backwards and forwards across the stage; only looking up to get a cue from Jamie on the drums .Alvin Gibbs had a problem his Thunderbird bass guitar

was in Bristol and we were in Wakefield! A guy from the support band lent his bass out to Alvin who caressed and ran his fingers up and down the fret board like rain droplets on a stormy day. Young Jamie Oliver must rank as one the countries best drummers, his sticks move with the grace and speed of helicopters rotor blades.

Charlie, still celebrating his 67th birthday was as ever the essence, of a hypothetical form of dark energy moving around the stage .He only knew about his birthday as one of his sons

phoned him up to wish him well! Hey…. the band do requests, as part of the encore

they went into “party in Paris” Time passed with a flourish ….here’s to the next gig !

Gig number two, Wilko Johnson at Fibbers York. I was looking forward to seeing the new revamped Fibbers but oh no ………I was disappointed – how much had they spent – it looked unfinished to me, poor standing area  poor bar area and  sh*t toilets –I would say the stage itself was better for the performers that’s the only plus point –

NO – bring back the old Fibbers please! Wilko a  pre-punk man is R and B.His

Influence permutated through the fledgling punk rock scene. With in his band is

Norman Watt Roy he and his bass guitar are as one .Most say that he is the worlds best bass player – who I am to argue!  With a mad steer in his eyes Wilko charges round the stage with his machine gun guitar songs like “back in the night” “roxette”

The last day of the mission and it was back to York, The Duchess this time to see Captain Sensible. Last time I saw the Captain Sensible Band I co – promoted the gig at the Cleethorpes Winter Gardens, the line up that night included three members of a little known band called The Damned. After bumping into Monty (The Damned’s keyboard player) he confirmed who was in the line up – Captain (of cause) Paul Gray (ex Damned bass player) Monty and Dave Berk ( ex Johnny Moped drummer)

.Jez and I settled down at the front of the stage to saviour the sight and sound of the evening’s entertainment. A haze of smoke and 1 2 3 4 into the set

“the love policeman” “wot” “glad it’s all over “ plus top favourites of mine “neat neat neat “ and “life goes on” .The band looked at ease with each other joking and smiling

through out the set . A quick backstage Hello with Captain …then home

mission accomplished .

Thanks to Jez and special mention to Agent Joe 90 (code name Red Top )

Dave Alucard (Pogo Crew)


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