The March Violets – Love Will Kill You

09 Jun

As revealed to us during our recent interview of less than a month ago, the time has come for The March Violets to release their “Love Will Kill You” EP.  It is a release that proves that the band is fresh and exciting, as in the past, and maybe even more so now…

The pace changes from track to track, starting with “Road of Bones” and its post-punk simplicity, proving that it’s great to have singers writing powerful melodies.

Jo Violet’s bass and the drum machine take the lead on “London’s Drowning” which is followed by great guitar work and a chorus that will make your feet dance.

There is something in “Dandelion King” that carries a David Bowie feel from the “Space Oddity” era.
It has a lyricism and a very catchy, bittersweet chorus.

On the other hand, “A Little Punk Thing”, which is the track that follows the preceeding song, takes the listener to the other side for a little punk treat.

We Are All Gods II” finds the band experimenting with electrified soundscapes, creating a haunted atmosphere, with well-crafted guitars by Tom AshtonSimon Denbigh coldy whispers words of loneliness on a monotonus dance beat, surrounded by little noises, voices and the floating melodic lines of Rosie Garland.

The March Violets have a unique musical identity and they know how to use it.  For sure they can move around using elements from different music styles and create…a March Violets song.

The “Love Will Kill You” EP brings us mature musicians who know what they want and know how to get it.  It’s a very promising teaser for their forthcoming “Made Glorious” album.

You MUST have it.

Make it yours in any way possible way.  (Heads-up:  It will be given free to all the people who pledge to help the band make the LP…)

For complete information, including how you can grab your own copy of “Love Will Kill You”, visit The March Violets at their Official Website,

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Posted by on June 9, 2011 in Goth, etc.


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