NightPorter – Alarming but Charming (Album review)

17 Aug

I first encountered NightPorter when they covered the Pixies song, “Where is my Mind”.  It was an interesting cover not featured on the band’s debut album, “Alarming but Charming”, but you can check it out on YouTube.  I agree with the band’s decision to not have the cover song on the album as these four lads from Newcastle have 10 great compositions of their own and they need no covers here. 

To be honest, It is quite difficult to pigeonhole their sound.  It’s a mixture of dark atmospheres, busy bass lines, new wave guitars, and alarming but charming vocals…

Some tracks feature sound material from speeches or stints, such as George Carlin’s, “The American Dream”.  This particular bit can be found in the chorus on the track, “Golden Chains”, when their singer, Raven Porter, sings, “…when you dance with the devil, he calls the tune…”.

The lyrics deal with political issues, troubled psyches, nightmares, and everything that would haunt your soul.  For example, NightPorter lifts the listener to a higher plateau with songs like, “The Greatest Evil”, and then they create a dreamy atmosphere with “The Fool”.  For those who want to get an overall feel of this album, I would suggest you start with these songs:  “Victoria”, “The Sickness”, “Trust Us”, and then…go deeper…

NightPorter’s “Alarming but Charming” album release party will take place at the Slimelight in London this Saturday, the 20th of August, and will feature live performances by the following bands:

 – NightPorter
 – XII (Featuring former “Fields of the Nephilim” and “Killing Miranda” )
 – Sidefields

You’ll also be able to grab your own copy of NightPorter’s “Alarming but Charming” starting this Saturday through  In the meantime, be sure to visit their site where you can listen to a preview of what’s to come!

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  1. Christina

    August 19, 2011 at 12:06 am

    wishing you everything you wish for yourselves and then some .big up to you all 🙂


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