Vendemmian – Live in Athens, October 28 2011

29 Oct

Another weekend another country…

This is what Vendemmian are doing this year (click here for older post).

On October 28 2011 Athenian club “BatCity” was on the band’s schedule so I decided to go see my old friend Dave on stage.

Two Greek bands were opening for them, The Illusion Fades and Mani Deum.

The Illusion Fades count about 21 years in the Greek Goth scene (check here for more) and managed to play a set full of their traditional Gothic tunes (that lately have a metal touch).

It was a nice warm up for the audience that kept getting bigger as time was passing (the bands had to be off stage round midnight for a Goth party to take place).

Mani Deum, a band that has been around for about 5 years took the stage for an other 40 minutes in a more folkie music style.

Closing with a cover version of “Last exit for the lost”, the time for Vendemian had come.

Banana Cat (Vendemmian’s lucky charm I guess) was put on Dave’s amp and when he and Mark took the stage the crowd went berzerk…

Soon the air was full of little papers, people dancing on other people’s shoulders and banana cat was up in the air in the hands of the audience.

Vendemmian proved they are experienced enough to give people a good time and have a good show.

Their list featured old and new Vendemmian tunes such as “One in a million”, “Shine on”, “Masquarade”, “Heaven” and many others.

A great night and a great show.

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