Bow Wow Wow reform to tour the U.K.

30 Dec

Will Crewdson will be joining Bow Wow Wow on the guitar to tour the U.K. on April and May.
The funny thing is that Crewdson was playing the guitar for Adam Ant during last year and I think he worked with Malcolm McLaren too at some point…

In 1980, Malcolm McLaren persuaded various Adam and the Ants members including David Barbarossa, Leigh Gorman, the late Matthew Ashman to form Bow Wow Wow with singer Annabella Lwin.

We did an interview with Will Crewdson a couple of months ago, but probably he wasn’t aware of the Bow Wow Wow tour.
You can check our review on his new album here and you can find him again playing the guitar on the charity song “Second Chance” with New Zero God & Friends.

If you want more candy, a short Bow Wow Wow bio, tour dates and tickets, click here .

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