Tribazik (feat. Jaz Coleman) – Molten

15 Jan

I decided to post the video of this excellent track.

Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) is doing the singing on “Molten” which is taken from Tribazik‘s album “All Blood Is Red“.

What are people saying about Tribazik ?

Most innovative live act I’ve seen in 2010
Franz Treichler vocalist of The Young Gods

The new Pink Floyd of heavy metal.”
DJ Grendel (Dawn Radio)

“Tribazik could become one of the UK’s finest bands.”
Giles MoorhouseRock Sound

“…metal, rock, tribal, acid techno and world mixed up in a melting pot and spat out creating an original sound and packing quite a punch
Jo Elliot (

“…Uncompromising stabbing riffs, sampled siren calls and war dispatches, and dark, ominous bass, all dragged along by righteously indignant booming vocals.”
Emma Johnson (Kerrang!)

“…Whilst a lot of industrial fails to make an impact in the UK, this home-grown act fires out memorable track after memorable track.”
Phill May (

You can follow Tribazik here

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