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Dead Can Dance – European Tour Dates Announced

Dead Can Dance announced the first leg of the World Tour to 22 European cities in September and October 2012.

You can see a complete list of all the dates announced below. Tickets for the German and Hungarian dates will be on sale via from 9am GMT this morning.

Further information and On Sale dates for the rest of the shows will also be found on the site.

19th – HCTAT, Istanbul, Turkey
21st – Earth Theatre, Thessaloniki, Greece
23rd – Lycabetus Theatre, Athens, Greece
25th – MCV, Utrecht, Holland
27th – Grand Rex, Paris, France
29th – Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium

1st – Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
3rd – Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany
5th – CCH, Hamburg, Germany
7th – Philharmonie, Munich, Germany
8th – Philharmonie, Cologne, Germany
10th – KCP, Prague, Czech Republic
12th – Bkz Oktyabrsky, St. Petersburg, Russia
13th – Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia
15th – Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland
17th – Papp Laszlo Arena, Budapest, Hungary
19th – Teatro Degli Arcimboldi, Milan, Italy
20th – Batiment Des Forces Motrices, Geneva, Switzerland
22nd – Auditori, Barcelona, Spain
24th – Casa Da Musica, Porto, Portugal
26th – Royal Albert Hall, London, England
28th – Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

Dates for the North American, South American and Asian legs of the tour will be announced shortly, along with ticket sales information.

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The world of Axis Mundi

A friend introduced me to this very interesting 5 piece band from Midlands, Axis Mundi.

They were formed in 2008 and soon were rated as one of the top 5 upcoming bands in the UK from a group of over 12,000 other quality acts.

On their bio they mention that “During 2010, the band worked closely with bestselling science author and NewScientist writer Michael Brooks during his election campaign against Hinckley and Bosworth MP David Tredinnick. Tredinnick has made claims that surgeons should not operate on a full moon and that scientists were “racially prejudiced”. Axis Mundi support science in politics and believe that in the age of technology, politicians have a responsibility to acknowledge scientific data when making decisions.

In 2011, Axis Mundi produced the video “Eden Alive” and by October 2001, they released their debut album “Chapel Perilous“.

You can hear their album free HERE

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Meet Alithia from Melbourne

Alithia is a band at the forefront of a new movement in music known as Astral Space Core. More than simply a genre of musical tag, Astral Space Core taps into the chakra and connects the cosmic consciousness of its listener. More than just words and musical strokes, Astarl Space Core reflects a world we live in where unlimited possibilities of the mind are being explored. Influenced by post modernism, Alithia incorporates a vast array of sounds, and philosophies into its ground-breaking sound.

Alithia’s music is a celebration of life and death, darkness and light, confusion and clarity. It’s sound based on personal and spiritual experiences which has become an open vessel for all who wish to join them on their journey. The result is an authentically unique sound that combines ambient, melodic, psychedelic, electronic and punk rock music. Alithia plays from the core of its being, conjuring aetheric moments in time and space inspired by the beauty of the mysticism of the universe.

Alithia are a Melbourne based band which formed in 2004 and has since experimented to establish its current sound. Many artists have come and gone, but through these shared experiences, the group has gained strength and musical diversity. The core members – John Rousvanis, Danny Constantino and Mark Vella – have evolved and honed Alithia’s craft into ever expanding musical boundaries and have now established its musical maturity.

Alithia’s live shows are an undeniably atmospheric and hupnotic experience. The music flows openly and freely, taking the listener on a journey of shared self-expression. The costumes, theatre and energy in an Alithia performance stimulates all of the senses and takes the listener to another plane and makes them part of the experience.

Alithia are a band leading the Astral Space Core musical movement.
Unique, personal and honest, Alithia does not bend to the whims of fashion. Regardless of passing trends, Alithia is committed to crafting songs like spells – a bewitching sound and sonic vibration that echoes through time and space.

The band released the albums “Tower Of Babel” in 2008 and “A Realm O Nul” in 2011.
The band’s next single “Fallen Times” will be released in April as Alithia will be toured across Australia in May.

Click HERE for their Myspace profile.

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New Berlin Black EP 2012-02-20

Berlin Black And The Shades Of Grey are pleased to announce that their new E.P. will be released in June this year.

The working title for the E.P. is “Its Only Natural” and the band plan for it to be a 5 / 6 song release.
Chris Tuke, singer of the band went into more detail:
I’m really excited about the new E.P. Since Thomas joined the band last summer we have really gelled and we are coming out with a really exciting mix of songs.
Most of the songs have already been written and we are in the process of putting the final touches on mixes etc. We’re also trying to slip a couple of them into our live sets to see what people think of them. The reaction from fans has been great!
With the new release we were contemplating using a site such as “Pledgemusic” to help fund things but we decided that it would be better to do it ourselves. We really appreciate our fans and want them to feel like they are getting the most out of Berlin Black. In doing things direct through our label, Trash Vogue Records, it means we can keep our costs as low as possible and keep people up to date as soon as anything new happens.
The E.P will be available in CD and Download formats to begin with. If things are going well we are also looking into the possibilities of other formats such as Vinyl…….. Would anyone like a copy on tape?

Trash Vogue Records have already begun a pre-order service for the E.P. at a “loyalty” price of just £4(plus P+P).
The price after launch will be £6

Get your copy today from Trash Vogue Records

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Lost Bodies – Documentary by Giannis Misouridis

Documentary about the Greek experimental band Lost Bodies. The documentary has English subtitles.

Lost Bodies were formed in Athens, Greece in 1984 by two friends – Thanos and Antonis.
Their influences come from Punk rock, post-punk, electronica, experimental music, classic rock, industrial, dada, classic music, trip-hop, Greek traditional music.
In 1988 they released two tapes that were greatly welcome by the Greek alternative radio stations.
A few years later they were signed to Virgin Records – Greece.

The live line up is: Thanos (vocals) George (guitars and vocals) Konstantis (guitar) Pavlos (drums) Thalia (synths and trumpet) and Vasilis (bass).

Do Diesi – MC, Private -1988
Anarofisi Trofis – MC, Private -1988
Various – Lost Bodies : Stretch reflex – 7” EP, fanzine (Stis Skies tou B-23) – 1990
Zoi – CD, Lazy Dog – 1997
Mavro Sitari – CD, Private – 1999
Gennetika Kathari – CD, Virgin – 2000
Ypotropi – CD, Lazy Dog – 2002
Pasa Arhi Pafsato – CD, Private – 2003 (censored cover)
Brutal – CD, Small Music Theatre – 2006
Osmosi – CD, Small Music Theatre – 2007
Suck my best of – cd, All Together Now / EMI – 2008
The End of Time – cd, Special Edition signed and numbered on 126 copies – 2008

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R.I.P. MICHAEL DAVIS, Bass Player for MC5

American bass guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music producer Michael Davis has died of liver failure at the age of 68. 

Michael Davis

Davis was best known as a member of the MC5 and Destroy All Monsters.

While serving time at the Lexington Federal Correction Institution for a narcotics violation he created abstract paintings for permanent display in the prison’s Visitor Center and administrative offices.

Several years of immersion in life in the desert southwest and world travels with various rock bands gave Davis the inspiration and desire to return to his roots as a painter, having studied art along the way at The Armory Center For The Arts in Pasadena, California, the University of Oregon, in Eugene, Oregon, and at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon, and Butte Community College/California State University, Chico in Chico, California.

He also co-founded the non-profit Music Is Revolution Foundation, dedicated to supporting music education programs in public schools.

Michael Davis

On Friday, February 17, 2012, Davis died at Enloe Medical Center in Chico, California, after a month-long hospitalization for liver disease.  In 2005 he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and wrote a candid personal blog which chronicled his health battles.

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Virus Cycle – Alice in Zombieland

Virus Cycle Studio Members:

Johnny Virum – Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Synth, Programming
Damaris – Vocals
Veronika – Artwork, Social Media
Otto Kinzel – Studio Producer, Programming, Bassist

Virus Cycle Live Members:
Johnny Virum – Vocals, Guitar
Veronika – Live Programming
Damaris – Vocals (occasional)

Virus Cycle combines haunting lyrics, pulsating beats, and grinding buzzsaw-esque guitars which takes listeners on a journey into a post-apocalyptic future of death and decay, ruled by the flesh-eating undead.

On February 23, 2011, Virus Cycle released their debut Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Zombie Tech album entitled “Alice in Zombieland

The album has been downloaded by people all over the world via the band’s website. Since the release of “Alice in Zombieland“, Virus Cycle’s music has been played on stations all over the world. Virus Cycle has also been interviewed by a few publications, including Grave Concerns E-Zine and Carpe Nocturne Magazine.

They have also been included on both Industrial Wasteland compilations (Volumes 1 & 2), which were released in May and October 2011 respectively.

In October 2011, Virus Cycle had the pleasure of opening for The Ludovico Technique (Metropolis Records) at The Precinct in Somerville, MA and Man and Machines at QXT’s in Newark, NJ.

They also opened for :
The Misfits (30th Anniversary Tour) – The Palladium in Worcester, MA
Gothminister – The Sterling Hotel in Allentown, PA (Danse Macabre Records)
Carfax Abbey – The Sterling Hotel in Allentown, PA (Dancing Ferret Records)
ThouShaltNot – O’Briens in Somerville, MA (Dancing Ferret Records)

On December 20, 2011, Virus Cycle released “Return to Zombieland“, a remix album featuring artists from all over the world putting their own unique spin on a Virus Cycle song of their choosing.
The album is also featuring two new songs.

Remixes by the band were done for:

Angelspit (Metropolis Records) – Defibrillator (Virus Cycle’s Angelspit Goes To The Symphony During The Zombie Apocalypse Mix)
MortiisSensation of Guilt (Virus Cycle Mix)
Flesh Eating Foundation (Glory and Honor) – So Yeah (Virus Cycle Mix)
Devil-MRe-Inkarnation (Virus Cycle’s Hell on Earth Mix)

You can download Return to Zombieland from HERE

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