Sicknote – UNZIPPED (pay what you want)

08 Feb

Sicknote have just released an album titled “Unzipped”.

As the band states on their official website:

The new album has arrived!!! It includes every bit of madness of the entire sicknote set from the Globe on Jauary 21st 2012…and is split into 10 tracks… i warn you now it includes A LOT of mistakes, tons of screaming abuse, half tunes, Colonel Puddinghead hosting the entire debacle and every other sound in that room that night is on this CD including the entire audience shouting CUNTS at us… (it’s not an easy listen)! It’s like being at a Sicknote gig, it’s euphoric, awful, loud, banging, mental, amazing and wrong all at once. It’s like standing in The Globe in Cardiff on that Cold January night. Anyways…

You can pay what you want for this new live album by visiting the band’s site here

A special limited edition of 100 CDs can also be purchased from here

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