Virus Cycle – Alice in Zombieland

19 Feb

Virus Cycle Studio Members:

Johnny Virum – Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Synth, Programming
Damaris – Vocals
Veronika – Artwork, Social Media
Otto Kinzel – Studio Producer, Programming, Bassist

Virus Cycle Live Members:
Johnny Virum – Vocals, Guitar
Veronika – Live Programming
Damaris – Vocals (occasional)

Virus Cycle combines haunting lyrics, pulsating beats, and grinding buzzsaw-esque guitars which takes listeners on a journey into a post-apocalyptic future of death and decay, ruled by the flesh-eating undead.

On February 23, 2011, Virus Cycle released their debut Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Zombie Tech album entitled “Alice in Zombieland

The album has been downloaded by people all over the world via the band’s website. Since the release of “Alice in Zombieland“, Virus Cycle’s music has been played on stations all over the world. Virus Cycle has also been interviewed by a few publications, including Grave Concerns E-Zine and Carpe Nocturne Magazine.

They have also been included on both Industrial Wasteland compilations (Volumes 1 & 2), which were released in May and October 2011 respectively.

In October 2011, Virus Cycle had the pleasure of opening for The Ludovico Technique (Metropolis Records) at The Precinct in Somerville, MA and Man and Machines at QXT’s in Newark, NJ.

They also opened for :
The Misfits (30th Anniversary Tour) – The Palladium in Worcester, MA
Gothminister – The Sterling Hotel in Allentown, PA (Danse Macabre Records)
Carfax Abbey – The Sterling Hotel in Allentown, PA (Dancing Ferret Records)
ThouShaltNot – O’Briens in Somerville, MA (Dancing Ferret Records)

On December 20, 2011, Virus Cycle released “Return to Zombieland“, a remix album featuring artists from all over the world putting their own unique spin on a Virus Cycle song of their choosing.
The album is also featuring two new songs.

Remixes by the band were done for:

Angelspit (Metropolis Records) – Defibrillator (Virus Cycle’s Angelspit Goes To The Symphony During The Zombie Apocalypse Mix)
MortiisSensation of Guilt (Virus Cycle Mix)
Flesh Eating Foundation (Glory and Honor) – So Yeah (Virus Cycle Mix)
Devil-MRe-Inkarnation (Virus Cycle’s Hell on Earth Mix)

You can download Return to Zombieland from HERE

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