Lost Bodies – Documentary by Giannis Misouridis

20 Feb

Documentary about the Greek experimental band Lost Bodies. The documentary has English subtitles.

Lost Bodies were formed in Athens, Greece in 1984 by two friends – Thanos and Antonis.
Their influences come from Punk rock, post-punk, electronica, experimental music, classic rock, industrial, dada, classic music, trip-hop, Greek traditional music.
In 1988 they released two tapes that were greatly welcome by the Greek alternative radio stations.
A few years later they were signed to Virgin Records – Greece.

The live line up is: Thanos (vocals) George (guitars and vocals) Konstantis (guitar) Pavlos (drums) Thalia (synths and trumpet) and Vasilis (bass).

Do Diesi – MC, Private -1988
Anarofisi Trofis – MC, Private -1988
Various – Lost Bodies : Stretch reflex – 7” EP, fanzine (Stis Skies tou B-23) – 1990
Zoi – CD, Lazy Dog – 1997
Mavro Sitari – CD, Private – 1999
Gennetika Kathari – CD, Virgin – 2000
Ypotropi – CD, Lazy Dog – 2002
Pasa Arhi Pafsato – CD, Private – 2003 (censored cover)
Brutal – CD, Small Music Theatre – 2006
Osmosi – CD, Small Music Theatre – 2007
Suck my best of – cd, All Together Now / EMI – 2008
The End of Time – cd, Special Edition signed and numbered on 126 copies – 2008

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