New Berlin Black EP 2012-02-20

21 Feb

Berlin Black And The Shades Of Grey are pleased to announce that their new E.P. will be released in June this year.

The working title for the E.P. is “Its Only Natural” and the band plan for it to be a 5 / 6 song release.
Chris Tuke, singer of the band went into more detail:
I’m really excited about the new E.P. Since Thomas joined the band last summer we have really gelled and we are coming out with a really exciting mix of songs.
Most of the songs have already been written and we are in the process of putting the final touches on mixes etc. We’re also trying to slip a couple of them into our live sets to see what people think of them. The reaction from fans has been great!
With the new release we were contemplating using a site such as “Pledgemusic” to help fund things but we decided that it would be better to do it ourselves. We really appreciate our fans and want them to feel like they are getting the most out of Berlin Black. In doing things direct through our label, Trash Vogue Records, it means we can keep our costs as low as possible and keep people up to date as soon as anything new happens.
The E.P will be available in CD and Download formats to begin with. If things are going well we are also looking into the possibilities of other formats such as Vinyl…….. Would anyone like a copy on tape?

Trash Vogue Records have already begun a pre-order service for the E.P. at a “loyalty” price of just £4(plus P+P).
The price after launch will be £6

Get your copy today from Trash Vogue Records

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