3rd Rock Festival of Myconos – 1989

02 Mar

The 3rd Rock Festival of Myconos is something that most of the Greeks do not remember anymore, or maybe never heard of, but I am sure that the number and names of the Greek bands that took part would surprise any lover of the Greek underground of the 80’s.

I was having a chat with a friend of mine the other day and I came up with the idea of posting something about this festival.  So, I found a few videos on YouTube and an article from THIS blog in order to put it all together…

In 1989, independent promoters “Group Taki 13” (actually a group of friends that took their name from the street address where their headquarters were stationed) decided to organize a 6-day Rock Festival on Myconos island.

Putting together a 6-day festival would have taken a great effort… Bands from all rock genres:  punk rock, new wave, classic rock, phychedelic rock, rockabilly, experimental…you name it…

The experimental band Aera Patera had their first official live show at this festival. You can have a taste here. The lady who is philosophizing on the video is Thalia from the band Greek Salad.

It took place during July and it was covered by the Greek national TV channel, ERT 1.

The biggest problem of the festival was the wind.  I am sure that there is a photo of Myconos next to the word “windy” in the dictionary.  It really made things difficult for the performing artists which, as you realize, were many:  Alice in a Nightmare, South of No North, Metro Decay, Panx Romana, Mushrooms, Villa 21, Brush, Sophie’s Law, Blue Light, May Day Overdrive, Gap, Dada Data, Radio Nation, I-5, Dirty Saints, Blue Jeans, Anaconda Snake Band, Preludes, Blues Mobile, Jam Up, Petunia Pig, Greek Salad, Famagusta, Yeah.

This is how No Man’s Land did it, fronted by Evi Hassapides Watson.

There were even more artists (some never made it) such as: Alla Mantata, Dimitris Poulikakos, Litis & Synergeio, Montelo 63, Stavros Logarides, Christos Kyriazis, Zaira, Angelos Skordilis, Itan Einai Kai Tha Einai, Koryvantes, Rififi, Selana, Vlassis & The Night Power, Ahart, Speed Brakes, Roll with the Wind, Johnny and the Cadillacs.

This is a video taken from ERT 1.
The psychedelic band Purple Overdose performing at the 3rd Rock Festival of Myconos in 1989.

Today this might look awkward and distant.  While Greece is in complete turbulence nowadays, who would have guessed 23 years ago that all this would happen?

We can’t say that the 3rd Rock Festival of Myconos gathered thousands of people. But it’s just something to remember of an era that young people in this country had fun and I believe that these days will come again.

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