The Blackout Crypthology CD release

08 Apr

New Zero God is featured on “The Blackout Crypthology” CD compilation.

Andy Fiendish (The Blackout Show on Impact Radio) put together a total of 30 tracks on a compilation from well-known bands within the spectrum of music played on the Blackout Show.  These bands are new, fresh talent and groups who are just creeping to the surface and getting their claws in the door.

On this double CD you will find a cross selection of bands that fit under the umbrella of what the Blackout show encompasses, containing music from the world of Goth and its guitar based sub genres [including: Deathrock | Post-punk | Horrorpunk | Psychobilly].


Disc A

01 The Dark Shadows – Written in the Snow
02 The Spirtual Bat – Chance
03 The Dead Jivaro – Repeated Dream
04 The Hiram Key – Solomon’s Tears
05 Killer B-movie Vs The Koffin Kats – in horror
06 The Coffin Collectors – The Coffin Collector
07 Devilish Presley – City of Dreadful Night
08 The Last Cry – Punishment [Blackout mix]
09 Lotus Feed – King for Two Days
10 Joy Disaster – Twins of Misery
11 The Garbagemenn – Into My House
12 Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show – New Kind of Kick
13 The Flytraps – The Hunter
14 The Deep Eynde – Save Your Own
15 Charles De Goal – Blackpool

Disc B
01 Vince Ray and the Boneshakers – Hot Rod Boogie
02 Pink Hearse – Zombie Rock ‘n’ Roll
03 Isolation Division – Cross My Heart
04 Berlin Black – The Only Ones
05 Peeling Grey – Sleeping In Dirty Hands
06 The Crimson Ghosts – Nightbreed
07 Army Of Walking Corpses – Night Of The Wolf
08 Dick Venom & the Terrortones – Lilly & The Killers
09 Frankenstein – She Casts No Shadow
10 Vendemmian – Hollow Inside
11 Luxury Stranger – Korruption [Radio edit]
12 The Cemetary Girlz – Death Has Tasted Blood [Demo]
13 Archway Towers – Hello
14 Boneyard Zombies – Vampire Love
15 New Zero God – Dead Inside

If you would like to get ahold of a copy of this limited-run CD, then you can send Andy a private message here so you can exchange details and he can directly get a copy out to you. There will be a website coming soon where you’ll also be able to purchase copies.  These limited CDs will also be available at any of the Misery Of Sound nights.  Purchase price, regardless of selling venue, will be £4.50, which includes postage.

Andy presents a weekly Radio show on [The Blackout] at

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