Athens New Rock Eclipse Festival

10 Apr

Exactly one month into the vernal equinox the Athens New Rock Eclipse Festival will be held at Kyttaro Live Club in Athens, Greece, on Friday, the 20th of April 2012.

The stage will be an explosion of well-known talents, with performances by NEW ZERO GODTHE ILLUSION FADES, and COMMON SENSE.  Opening act will be STRAWBERRY STREET and DJ set by SIR DEMIAN

Athens New Rock Eclipse Festival - Kyttaro - 20 April 2012 - Feat. NEW ZERO GOD, THE ILLUSION FADES, COMMON SENSE.  Opening Act:  STRAWBERRY STREET.  DJ Set:  Sir Demian.


New Zero God

New Zero God was formed in March 2006 by former members of “The Flowers Of Romance” and “Nexus”.  The group consists of experienced musicians who have been quite active in the Greek music scene, some of whom date back with discographies starting in the late 80’s.

Their debut album, “Fun Is A Four Letter Word”, contains 12 guitarist songs that are effortlessly defined within the post punk, dark wave, and goth genres.  New Zero God’s twelve, live in-the-studio jam sessions were conceived with a view of a live performance, a style that moved the group from today’s common scene and elevated them to a form of originality long forgotten.  The aim was achieved and the result is an album full of energy and soul that is heard hard! 

New Zero God

Live appearances by New Zero God are proportional to their debut album, with powerful performances of new material woven between their released tracks.  In addition to today’s music, they also play pieces from their Flowers Of Romance and Nexus days, all of which have withstood the test of time and are still audience favorites.  

They have performed in various clubs and musical scenes within Greece, including their appearances in the 1st Festival [Ermoypolis] and in the Block 33 Local Delights Festival in Thessaloniki.  New Zero God’s first few footsteps included opening for the concerts of The Legendary Pink Dots and Christian Death.

After recent circulations in Greece and abroad, the album has received great criticisms from the musical press and radio.  They have been found in radio charts in England for the months of June and July of 2011.  New Zero God interviews were also circulated in the English magazines Terrorizer (Dominion – July 2011) and Devolution (with inclusion in their magazine’s collaborative CD – August 2011), as well as American magazines Muen (January 2011) and Carpe Nocturne (September 2011).  In May 2011, New Zero God singer, Mike Pougounas, participated in the charitable song for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (S.O.P.H.I.E.) in collaboration with members from English and American groups, which was also the official Gothic anthem for World Goth Day in Great Britain for 2011.  On October 14, 2011, “Lap of the Universe” was included in the German collection Gothic Visions III

The start of the new year found New Zero God in the number one spot on the Goth and Glam charts of the USA’s CD Baby for an entire month with their charity fundraising song, “Second Chance“.  All proceeds from this track benefit H.A.W.C., a Massachusetts-based organization which assists those in abusive relationships.  Fellow contributing artists hailed from England, Germany, Spain, South Africa, and the U.S.A.  More information on this release and how YOU can effortlessly contribute can be found, HERE

An overwhelming support has been shown by the international community and you can constantly find New Zero God’s songs in rotation on many radio broadcasts from the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and the United States, to name but a few. 

New Zero God is:

  • Mike Pougounas – Vocals
  • Dimitris Steves – Drums
  • Michael Christou – Guitars
  • Harris Stavrakas – Bass

More information on New Zero God can be found at: MySpace | Facebook | Reverbnation

The Illusion Fades

The Illusion Fades is characterized by an atmospheric and simultaneously dynamic sound. The group is recognizable by many for their particular type of music.  Formed in 1990 by guitarist and singer George Dedes, their first release was the single “Valentine” in 1993, followed immediately by their debut album, “The Illusion Fades”  Thus began the start of live appearances, including a show with Gun Club at Rodon Club

Their 1997 release “Shadowlove” made the band known not only within their country, but also outside the borders of Greece.  The year 1999 marked their third release, “In The Arms Of An Angel“.  The next recording of The Illusion Fades, titled, “In Black” was released through their personal company ‘Angel‘ in 2003, and had exceptional critics from both the Greek and international press and was awarded ‘Release of the Month‘ by Metal Hammer Magazine.

The Illusion Fades

Psycho Burn“, released in 2006, was a dynamic album and included a video of the track “Dead White Snow“.  This period of 2006-2007 proved to be a decisive period for the band, with each live Athenian appearance moving the band into bigger and better venues.  An important moment for The Illusion Fades came in 2007 when they performed in the international Gothic Rock – Metal Festival WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN (WGT) on the main stage “Agra”.  The festival was held on 25-26-27-28 May 2007 in Leipzig, Germany.

In 2009, after certain appreciable support appearances next to international bands such as Lacrimas Profundere, Star Industry, The Damned, London After Midnight, and The 69 Eyes, an appearance on Gothic Magazine‘s compilation CD, The Illusion Fades released their sixth CD, “Killing Ages”.  This was released by German company PANDAIMONIUM and included exclusive attendances of Jan Kenneth Barkved (Elusive) and Tristessa (Astarte).  Critics from the Greek and international press were particularly positive. The song, “The Cristmas Song” reached #3 and #7 on the Global Gothic Chart, and The illusion Fades was selected as band of month, while “Full of Fire” from the previous band’s release (Psycho Burn) reached #2.

Immediately afterwards they released their video, “13th Day“, and quickly moved into 2010 with the soundtrack for the American cult cinematographic film of Joe Barbarisi, “Flowers for the Dead“.  Their track, “The Christmas Song” appears in the closing titles of Spanish order of mystery of Cesar De NicolasEl Otro Lado – The Other Side“.  During 2011 and 2012, The Illusion Fades continued with live performances, much to the delight of their eager fans.

The Illusion Fades is:

  • George Dedes – Vocals, Music, Lyrics
  • Akis – Guitars
  • Andreas – Bass
  • Bill – Drums
  • Ion – Keyboards

More information on The Illusion Fades can be found at:  MySpace | Facebook | Reverbnation

Common Sense, created in 1990, released their single, “Grotesque” in 1993 and their debut album, “Sun Comes Up” in 1996.  Both releases were very well-received by critics and by fans of the independent Greek scene.  Since then, they have performed with many Greek groups, as well as opening for concerts by Dodgy, Giant Sand, and Tindersticks

In January 2000 “Sun Comes Up” was included in the Pop + Rock Magazine list of the best Greek rock albums of the 1970-2000 period.

Common SenseIn May 2006 the band recorded the demo song, “Time Stood Still“, which was released on Dimitris Papaspyropoulos’ compilation, “One Dream Closer” by EMI/Sony BMG.  In March 2007 they played with Marc Almond and participated in the SoundWave contest, where they were voted as Critics Choice #1.  This led them to support Echo & The Bunnymen and the Indigos at the Cavern Club of Liverpool.  

In November of 2007, three Common Sense tracks were featured in “The Apple in your Head“, a film by Angelos Spartalis, which was presented at the 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

Angelos Spartalis’ next movie, “The Snow-White Syndrome”, which was awarded two prizes at the 49th Thessaloniki International Film Festival in November 2008, also featured three Common Sense songs, as well as one by Silent Sorrows, the side-project of Nikos and Tatiana.

In 2009 they released their limited edition EP “Time Stood Still“, from The Sound of Everything, and are currently working on their forthcoming release, “Sunset“.

Common Sense are:

  • Tatiana Stavroulaki – Vocals
  • Christos Zoumpas – Guitar
  • Nikos Fokas – Keyboards
  • Afroditi Riga – Bass
  • George Karanikolaou – Drums

More information on Common Sense can be found at:  MySpace | Facebook

Strawberry Street

Strawberry Street is an alternative/art rock group with a home-base in Athens, Greece.  

Created in 2006 by Thanos Liberopoulos (Vocals, Keyboards) and Giorgos Grammozis (Vocals, Guitar), they wanted to put their disparate and refuted influences into spectrum rock. 

Strawberry StreetFrom the punk theatricality of the Dead Kennedys to the pop noise of Nirvana, and from the progressive aesthetics of Pink Floyd to the retro harmonies of The Beach Boys, they speak the accomplished truth. 

They thus took their name from an unpublished song by Jeff Buckley and created a fascinating mix where each song has differing and unique points of view. 

Along with the two other Strawberries, Major Dimitris Filippou joined on drums, Professor Giannis Tavlas on bass (as well as their sound engineer), and Giannis Dimas rounded up the lineup on keyboards.

Moving among the British indie rock and the U.S. pop-rock of the 90’s, with many progressive rock, electro, and jazz influences, Strawberry Street combines emotion and experiment in short radio songs without losing their character.

Today they’re recording their first full-length album at their own studio. 

Strawberry Street is:

  • Thanos Liberopoulos – Vocals, Keyboards
  • Giorgos Grammozis – Vocals, Guitar
  • Dimitris Filippou – Drums
  • Giannis Tavlas – Bass, Sound Engineer
  • Giannis Dimas – Keyboards

More information on Strawberry Street can be found at:  MySpace | Reverbnation


Kyttaro Live


Address:  Ipirou 48 & Acharnon, Athens

Telephone: 210.822.4134 | 210.882.2460

Maps, Directions, and Parking – HERE

Official Site – HERE


2 responses to “Athens New Rock Eclipse Festival

  1. lilmissmoonshine

    April 10, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Sounds like an awesome festival! Thanks for compiling all that information for us and I hope to see some other Tribe4Mian community members there!

  2. panole8riambos

    April 10, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Thank you very much for your comment. Meeting members of the Tribe4mian community would be great !!!


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