NightPorter – “Holy Island Baby” Part 1

31 May

Post punk band NightPorter from Newcastle upon Tyne, recorded their gig on Sat 19/05/12 at “The Barn” at Beal.

In order to give their friends a taste from that night, the band made available for free downloading, the first part of these recordings, titled “Holy Island Baby” Part 1.

Featured tracks are: “Blood Rite”, “Trust Us”, “Golden Chains” and “The Greatest Evil” (studio versions of these tracks can be found on the album “Alarming but Charming”)

The EP gives a good idea of NightPorter’s powerful stage performance and their unique sound.
Haunting guitar moods and atmospheres, tight rhythm section and passionate vocals are all mixed together in this EP that can be downloaded for HERE

If you’d like to get more information about NightPorter click HERE.

The band members:

I’l Dottore- Bass Guitar
Raven- Vocals
Zee- Guitar
Steve- Drums

Holy Island Baby Part 2 is coming soon….


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