The Razor Skyline – Dark Water Oasis

26 Jun

Formed in 1994 by Karen Kardell and the_gun under the name “Journal of Trauma”, the band attracted the attention of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma and under threat of lawsuit, agreed to change the name of the band, although allowed to keep “Journal of Trauma” for the initial record release. “The Razor Skyline” was born when the_gun visualized a world where the sky was hacked up, where buildings obscured the view in the theme of “Blade Runner” and other futuristic style movies.
Signing with C.O.P. International, the band released their first album in 1996. The band, quickly established themselves as a frontrunner in the revival of goth-industrial music and through clever lyrics, a political slant, and a determined beat, garnered attention across the world. “Queen of Heaven” remains one of the most revered tracks still played on dance floors today.
Their second album “Fade and Sustain” was released on COP International in 1999 and is considered a classic album of the genre with tracks such as “See the Light” recorded with Robin Jacobs of Switchblade Symphony fame and the melancholic “Circle the Stars”. Tours throughout the United States followed its release, including stints with Sunshine Blind, Switchblade Symphony, Bella Morte and even a Flock of Seagulls. The documentary movie “Sex, Death and Eyeliner” and the German horror movie “Demonium” featured songs by The Razor Skyline.
In 2002 the band recorded its third album, “The Bitter Well” in Seattle with M.O. Jackson (TV show NCIS). The album was released in 2003 and shortly afterward, Kardell left to pursue other interests.
In 2009, vocalist Miska Kazda replaced Kardell and she and the_gun began working on a new Eastern tribal influenced sound for the band. Rounding out the new line-up with middle eastern percussionist SooozhyQ and keyboardist Zo along with longtime electronic percussionist Onyx, the band set out to write and record their 4th album “Dark Water Oasis” which was released on COP International in June 2012.

Live Shows
July 1st at the Box, Santa Cruz, Ca with Drop Black Sky
July 8th at the Fez Ballroom, Portland, Or with Soil and Eclipse
July 9th at El Corazon, Seattle, Wa – with Soil and Eclipse
July 31st at the Elbo Room, San Francisco, Ca with Drop Black Sky

You can order the album from here:


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