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Berlin Black and the Shades of Grey – It’s Only Natural

Photo © Dave Shaw 2012

Are you into Post-Punk ?

If so, you shouldn’t miss the new Berlin Black and the Shades of Grey Ep titled “It’s Only Natural”.

Formed by former Screaming Banshee Aircrew and Luxury Stranger Guitarist/bassist Chris Tuke, they released their debut E.P. “Burn it Down” in 2010.

Berlin Black are continuing to impress, producing one of the freshest sounding E.P.s in 2012: “It’s Only Natural“.

A five track E.P. where they are mixing elements of Gang of Four, Siouxsie and the Banshees, XTC and Bauhaus this E.P. is certain to please fans of post-punk and new wave.

There is a glam rock flavour on every song of this release (especially on the mix of “The Only Ones”) which leaves a sweet taste to the listener.

The band will open for O. Children on October 17 at York.

The band members:
Chris Banshee
Thomas Mclean
Jo Violet (Jo plays the bass for March Violets too)
Alex King

You can read Chris Tuke’s interview HERE.
You can buy their E.P. from HERE

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Grooving In Green – Stranglehold

Grooving in Green is an English Gothic Rock band formed in 2008 by ex-Children On Stun members Pete Finnemore (guitar) and Simon Manning (bass, guitar) and ex-Solemn Novena member, General Megatron Bison (vocals).
They released two EPs in 2009 (“Ascent” and “Dirt”) and one album in 2010 (“Post Traumatic Stress”).

“Post Traumatic Stress” found the band playing with Steven Carey (ex-Burning Effigy and Adoration) and Tony Pettit (ex-Fields Of The Nephilim) both currently with The Eden House.

Today I had the privilege of listening to the forthcoming Grooving in Green album titled “Stranglehold” which is set to be released through Glory & Honour Records, on October 5 2012, when the band will be touring Germany.

11 well crafted tracks, full of great melodies, powerful vocals, atmospheric guitars, and smart bass lines.
“Stranglehold” is produced by Steve Carey and mastered by Pink Floyd’s engineer Andy Jackson.
Although their sound is unique, one can easily trace influences from old school Gothic Rock bands such as The Mission and Fields of The Nephilim.

From the opening track, the instrumental “Breathless”, Grooving In Green will lead the listener straight to their dark world through their solid Gothic Rock sound.
In our days, that seems too difficult for one to find an album with more than one good song, the band succeeded to offer us a masterpiece.

The songs I like: “Stranglehold”, “Fat Cats”, I like the industrial touch on “More News On Nothing”, the fantastic opening track “Breathless” as well as the closing one, “Even The Light” which could be a hit not only for the fans of this music genre.

If you are into Gothic Rock, this album is a must for you…

You can buy it from HERE
The OFFICIAL SITE of the band.

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Skafish – Bootleg 21-35

I still remember how impressed I was when I first saw Skafish on “Urgh” the movie, in
the early 80s.
Skafish was a Chicago punk/avant garde band formed in 1976.

The band released two albums through I.R.S. Records, “Skafish” (1980)
and “Conversation” (1983) and two singles: “Obsessions of You“/”Sink or Swim“(1980)
and “Wild Night Tonight“/”Secret Lover & Lover In Masquerade” (1983).

I found a very interesting interview of the leader of the band, Jim Skafish, on youtube,
regarding the recent release of “BOOTLEG 21-35“.
The release was recorded in 1977 and appeared as a guest on WJOB on September 6, 2012.

Among other topics, Skafish talked about the history of his band and being a bandleader,
his pioneering days in Chicago as the city’s punk/new wave/alternative and indie Godfather,
and his role as a co-creator of these art forms internationally.
Skafish also discussed his relationship with IRS Records chief Miles Copeland.

For more info on the bootleg and purchasing options, visit

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