Red Sun Revival – Running from the Dawn

24 Oct

Red Sun Revival is a Gothic Rock band formed in London, England in 2011.

The debut album of the band is titled “Running from the Dawn” and the original songs were composed by singer/guitarist Rob Leydon.

Leydon was one of the founding members of Voices of Masada. He is also the guitarist of the band Adoration and he served in the past as session guitar player for Nosferatu and The Eden House.

“Running from the Dawn” was produced by Steve Carey of The Eden House, NFD and This Burning Effigy and features guest recording from violinist Bob Loveday (of Bob Geldof’s group, The Eden House and others).

Greek bass player Panos Theodoropoulos is behind the bass (he is playing with the hard rock band Portrait) and Matt Helm (of the band Pretentious Moi? ) is offering his dreamy guitar sound.

Christina Emery (additionally played keyboards for the band Future-Frenetic) adds a refreshing new dimension providing melodic interlay with the guitar.

“Running from the Dawn” was mastered by twice Grammy nominated sound engineer Andy Jackson, producer of Pink Floyd’s Division Bell album.

Red Sun Revival are influenced by Voices of Masada and Fields of the Nephilim. The tracks are perfect and if you are into this sound, you should buy this 9 track album by any means…

You can order the album from HERE.

You can catch the band on stage on Saturday 3rd November 2012 with David J., Joe Black, Zerosignal and Partly Faithful at Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Str. London.
On March 30-31 (Easter) 2013 – Emergency Exit Festival, with Grooving in Green, The Stompcrash, The Last Cry and Twisted Nerve.

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