Ending the Vicious Cycle

21 Apr


Ending the Vicious Cycle is a gothic rock band from Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area heavily influenced and compared to Bauhaus and The Sisters of Mercy, though they also draw inspiration from Jrock and Japanese EGA. The band was formed in 2009 by singer/guitarist Toby Rider. Originally from Tainan, Taiwan, Rider cut his musical teeth in the dark music scene of ‘80s Los Angeles at clubs like The Scream opening for Jane’s Addiction and playing alongside Ex-Voto. After relocating to Texas, Rider recruited Johnny B. on guitar and keyboards, Bill Hammon on bass, and Chris Rayburne on drums to finalize the line-up for EVC.

The music of EVC has a heavy dark rock feel, and is characterized by Rider’s introspective lyrics and elegant baritone over booming bass and melodic synth lines. They self-released a four song demo in 2010 and an EP, Ghosts, produced by Raymond John Ross in 2012, but gained much more notice for the single “1,000 Words” mixed by Voe Saint-Claire of The Angels of Liberty. Saint-Claire continues to collaborate with the band, mixing and producing their upcoming full-length album Big Black Heart scheduled for release in late 2013.


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