A Fusion of Dardem

24 Apr

tribe4mian (2013) - Dardem

Dardem fuses Rock and Electronic Music. With a personal and innovating sound which integrates strength and sensibility with a unique style they take compositions to territory that has remained unexplored by Spanish musicians. For the past five years they´ve been working hard to establish themselves as a pioneer project in their country.

Performing for years, Dardem has played gigs in most of the big cities of Spain. They´ve collaborated on films, publicity, contemporary dance, and multimedia art, all thanks to the spectrum of their music.

They launched their first studio album “Nada” in March 2010, along with the two singles “Nada” and “Sin Miedo“, both of which include respective video clips. The album was completely self-produced by Dardem.

tribe4mian (2013) - Dardem 02The band’s second album, “Inerte” (2012), was named as a critic of the social moment that Spain has encountered regarding banks, corruption, and quite simply means that sometimes the people act like they are “inerte” (lifeless / without life) in this situation.

Recorded in Sonobox Studios, one of the finest studios in Spain, and was produced by Manuel Colmenero and Javibu Carretero, well-known for their works in Spain and South America.

Their music is subtle and elegant, although in live performances they bring out their strength, making their elegant style very dynamic.

In any case, the most important element of Dardem is to deliver versatile and multidisciplinary music. They have a unique kind of feeling, their own tempo, and bring a powerful emotion to the stage with every performance.

José Rodriguez: Vocals, Keys, Sequences
Raúl Pacheck: Guitar
Joe Melero: Bass Guitar
Peter Bacan: Drums

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