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Dawn of Oblivion

Dawn of Oblivion was formed in Helsingborg, Sweden 1991 by singer/guitarist Victor Fradera and guitarist Per Broberg. After a number of lineupchanges the band finally won a Swedish music competition and was rewarded with a studion recording. The band now consisted of Victor Fradera (vocals, guitar), Per Broberg (guitar, keys), Jesper Rydberg (bass) and Andreas Båge (drums). Dawn of Oblivion signed with Strontium Records in 1994 and recorded their debut album ”A Fervent Prayer” at the Roastinghouse studios in Malmö. Anders ”Theo” Theander produced and engineered the album that was released in september the same year.

”A Fervent Prayer” was very well recieved by both fans and critics and the band once again went into the Roastinghouse studio to record the White Zombie EP in January 1995. But with no fundings from Strontium Records that went backrupt the EP still remains in the Roastinghouse studio. At this time tensions between Fradera and Broberg finally resulted in the band’s first split-up with Broberg and Rydberg leaving the band. Fradera and Båge recruited American guitarist Jimmy Lee Lou and long time friend Jonas Nilsson on bass.
dawn of oblivion

Dawn of Oblivion switched over to M&A Music Art and started recording the ”Yorick” album in 1996. The album was released in early 1997 and the band went on touring supporting the album. After a couple of succesful years the band was on it’s peak when Lou suddenly quit the band to focus on other projects. The band managed to record and release the ”Haunted EP” before Lou left the band. Stefan Rosqvist was recruited to fill in for Lou and the band started writing material for the third album.

Mephisto’s Appelaing” was released in 2001. The album was met with mixed reviews as it clearly was a darker and heavier album than their previous releases. The band once again went on touring, but it all came to an end when suddenly drummer Andreas Båge was fired in the middle of the tour when the band was on its way to England for the Whitby Gothic Weekend. The band played a number of gigs in Scandinavia with Peter Wildoer from Darkane filling in for Båge on drums.

After writing material for the 4th album the band went on a 8 year long hiatus with the members focusing on different projects. Although the band never made an official farewell, M&A Music Art released the ”Ikaros EP” and ”The Final Chapter” album in 2009 with songs recorded 2002 and forward. The fans saw this as a goodbye statement from the band and the cd’s were well recieved by both fans and critics. In 2012 the band officially stated on their facebook-page that they were about to play live again. Now with a lineup of Victor Fradera (vocals), Stefan Rosqvist (guitars), Jonas Nilsson (bass), Tony Andersson (keys) and Mikael Skafar (drums).

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