The Gifted – Inside Out

11 Jun

inside out

I had never heard about The Gifted until their album “Inside Out” reached me.  I gave it a listen and tried to find what this band was up to… It wasn’t hard to find a video of their song “This Makes Me Feel Alive”, a song which was heavily influenced by Nine Inch Nails of the “Broken” era.

The band seems to be on the road very often, playing in the area of their hometown Sheffield, and they will tour the UK for the first time during September.

The Gifted asked for the help of their fans by pledging for the recording of “Inside Out” with 50% of any money raised to be given to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Having finished the album, they announced that the official release date will be July 1, 2013.  With the lineup of Andy Clarke (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths, Drums, Programming), Gennie Dyson (Live Synths & Keyboards) and Izzy (Live Bass), the band came up with 8 original compositions that will capture your imagination.

“Inside Out” takes a few steps away from the NIN sound that I’ve listened to on “This Makes Me Feel Alive”, moving closer to the style of Ministry with tracks like “Why (Make Me Feel This Way ?)” which opens the album, or “Smile”.

The song that stands out is the captivating “Everything Is Relative”. A great track close to the sound of Sulpher.

The production is excellent bringing up the unique industrial feeling of The Gifted.

To purchase their album you can visit their website HERE.

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