Subterfuge – Reflect << Rewind

18 Jun


This year is the 20th anniversary of the first release (a four-track self-titled demo tape) of Melbourne based goth band Subterfuge.

Subterfuge was formed in the early 90’s by Clifford Ennis, Rick Mullen, and Brendan Toull and the release of their debut CD “Darkland Awakening” took place in May 1994.

Although a second release was much expected, the band played a few shows in Australia between 1995 and 1997 without releasing anything else.

Clifford stayed involved in the scene with other projects including Jerusalem Syndrome (which was a side project with Chris McCarter from Ikon in 1996/97).

He also has had two stints as a member of Ikon, playing guitar for them between 2004-2005 and again between 2010-2013, and he also had a foray into the electronic side of things with another side project, this time with Mark Tansley from Suspiria, called Razorfade.

The title of the album is “Reflect << Rewind” and holds 16 old school Gothic Rock tracks (a cover on Rosetta Stone’sSix Before Dawn” is one of them).

Three of the tracks are previously unreleased, and three more are unreleased mixes.

You can buy “reflect << rewind” (also available in MP3 format) from Strobelight-Records HERE.

The CD also comes with two badges and a sticker.

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