Partly Faithful – Lazarus Under Glass

20 Jun

Partly Faithful - Lazarus Under Glass

Partly Faithful was originally formed in April 2011 by Ed Banshee (Screaming Banshee Aircrew), Gemma Thompson (Hindley/John And Jehn/Savages) and Chris Blake (S.O.N.Y./Dr Vampire) with Belle Star (Lilygun/Nosferatu/Hiram Key) drafted in on drums (the ‘Old Testament‘ lineup).

July 2012 saw a series of shows with special guest guitarists Steve Williams (Christian Death/Altered States) and Murray Fenton (Artery/Batfish Boys).  In August 2012, Anouska Haze, formerly of all-girl punk trio Rubella and indie rockers Exotica replaced Gemma as their permanent guitarist.

The band released their full length album titled, “Lazarus Under Glass” on April 26, 2013 (following their EP “The Beehive” – October 2012, and “Partly Faithful” – April 2012, “Aeroplanes” – June 2011 and “Scribbles” – June 2011).

This is post punk in all its glory.

Although “Amen” (the opening track of “Lazarus Rising” is just an intro) might have a taste of good old Bauhaus, as the album progresses the Partly Faithful sound grows inside you.  Ed has a Peter Murphy attitude which he puts aside track after track when suddenly “Underset” comes out of the speakers with its melancholic and distorted guitar riff and wonderful melodic chorus.  This guitar style and sound created by Anouska Haze builds a unique blend with Ed’s vocals.

The next track, “Hatchet”, finds Belle Star banging a tribal rhythm on the drums and Anouska comes with a killer riff while Ed spits out his words until the punkish chorus comes in… Just to give you an idea: If you like the Southern Death Cult you will love “Hatchet”.

Collapsing” is built on guitar reverb while a powerful guitar breaks out on the chorus to find Anouska and Ed both playing with the lyrics…

I could go on and on about the whole album but every song is a little diamond and I would need a couple of blogs to review it properly.  I am trying my best to keep it short here…

Stop”, for example, has traces of Sonic Youth, a touch of Dead Kennedys, a stressful rhythm, and is followed by “Wasting Ground” which is a kinda downbeat post punk track…

All in all, “Lazarus Under Glass” is a great album and everyone should give it a try to discover how “dark rock’n’roll” really sounds…

Excellent!!!  One of the best albums of the year… and one of the most inventive guitar players I’ve ever heard in my life…

You can order the album HERE

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