Rhombus – Here Be Dragons

21 Jun

here be dragons

Here Be Dragons” is the third full-length album of the band Rhombus (read previous post) and it is expected to be in shops by July 2013.

(Previous releases: “Open The Sky” – 04/01/2010, “Remembrance Day” – 16/07/2007, “The Closing Time EP” – 2006, “Attention Seeker” – 2004, “Rat City” – 2003, “The Soul The Spirit & The Wish EP” – 2003, “The Rough Demo MC” – 2002)

Rhombus is regarded as one of the finest Goth Rock bands to emerge from the North of England. Well-established in the UK alternative circuit, Rhombus now find themselves in demand across Europe as their exciting brand of Goth Rock draws admirers from as far afield as Germany, Greece (gig announced for September 28, 2013), Italy, Spain, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Peru, and the USA.

Mixing the male vocals of singer/bassist Edward Grassby and female vocals of singer Mya, Rombus combine the swirling guitars of Rob Walker and Ian “FTG” Grinn with driving bass and electric violin.  Rhombus combine some of the best elements of traditional 80s/90s UK Goth, with their own modern, upbeat approach.

This becomes obvious right from the start with the uptempo track “Fallout” (“T’intro”, which opens the album, is, as the title says, an intro…) where the amazing voice of Mya follows the tradition of Goth singers such as Julianne Regan.  “Fallout” is structured on a well-crafted bass line, has nice guitar riffs, and at the parts where the keyboards come in, the song develops an epic feel…

With this illustrious atmosphere, Mya’s and Ed Grassby’s vocals work fine together again on “Here Be Dragons” with the addition of a folk touch by the violin.

Turn around” is another catchy little tune followed by the folkish mid-tempo “What You Wanted” with the anthemic chorus.

I think that “Lifeline” is the best song of the album. Great song structure, beautiful guitar work and Grassby sings a catchy pop melody on the chorus.

The album closes with the song “Made To Last”, whose melody very much resembles the opening track of the album, “T’Intro”…

There are a lot of guests participating such as: Alixandrea Corvyn (Last July), Andrew Birch (The Last Cry), and Chris Tuke (Berlin Black and the Shades of Grey) on additional vocals.  Chris Tuke appears again on Satelite Engineering as well as Dvae Stanton (Last July) and Chris Carey.

“Here Be Dragons” was produced with excellence by Rhombus.  It is an impressive and very melodic Gothic Rock album that you can pre-order for your listening pleasure from HERE.

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