Sweet Ermengarde – Raynham Hall

26 Jun


Sweet Ermengarde is a German band that was born out of the ashes of Neon Dream.  (Before they split, Neon Dream released two full length albums…)

Soon after Sweet Ermengarde was formed, new songs were composed but the main problem remained — the lack of a steady singer.

Jörg Kleudgen (member of The House Of Usher) helped them with the singing parts for awhile and by October 28 2011 the band had a tape recorded.

It took them a whole year to find the right singer, Kuba, and to come up with the line up: Kuba – vocals, Lars – Bass, Marco – Guitar, Danny – Guitar/Keyboards, Rafael – drums.

Raynham Hall”, their debut album, has a gentle dreamy guitar sound and is well produced.

Although this is a Gothic Rock album, the guitar effects carry a touch of Porcupine Tree creating the right wall of sound for the deep voice of the singer.

A Promise to Fulfill” is the first high octane track of the album and one can trace some Fields Of The Nephilim influence.

There’s great guitar work on “In the Time” and “Kisses” and beautiful melodies on the vocals.

There’s also excellent guitar work and atmosphere on the Nephilimesque “Necropolitan Rest”.

This band from Bochum released a very good album that would please not only the fans of Fields Of The Nephilim but the rest of the Gothic Rock fans too.

If you want to catch them live on stage, they will play at Utrecht on July 27 (Summer Darkness Festival).

Click HERE to buy their album.

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