All Hallows Eve – All Hallows Eve

27 Jun


All Hallows Eve is not actually a band but a project of musicians from Germany, UK, and other European countries.

It started when the founder of the project guitarist/keyboardist Tom O’Connell (Traumtanzer/Garden of Delight) came up with the idea in 2012.

By October 2012, the first song was ready.  The instrumental “Fade In Silence” had Lars Kappeler (Violet/Sweet Ermengarde) on the bass.

Later the same month, the first vocal track was ready.  “Siren” was sung by Bianca Stücker (Violet) and Jörg Kleudgen (The House of Usher).

The titletrack “All Hallows Eve“, performed by Tim Chandler (Pretentious Moi?), was recorded during November and two more songs were recorded and mixed during December.

The Dreaming” finds Mike York (Kalt/Garden of Delight) and Rachel Speight (Die Laughing) on the microphone while “Innocent” has the brilliant voice of Marion Küchenmeister (Invisible Limits).

“All Hallows Eve” is a 4 track EP, released on May 17.

What we have here is three different versions of “All Hallows Eve”, a guitar driven new wave/trad goth track with catchy melodies and good production.

Jörg Kleudgen is singing on the fourth track of the single titled “Morning Glory”, which, actually, is a song built on keyboard sounds and a dreamy guitar.

You can order it from HERE.


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