Arts of Erebus – An Open Case of Parousia

28 Jun


Arts of Erebus is the name of a four piece act from France and Germany.

Their line up: Raven Burroughs– Vocals, Michel Meneguzzi – Guitars, Drums and Programming, Tommy Steuer – Bass and Stephane Marchal – Keyboards

The band was formed in 2001 and released the albums “Negative White” (2003) “Icon In Eyes” (2007) and “An Open Case of Parousia” (2013).

“An Open Case of Parousia”, their new album, is influenced by the Fields Of The Nephilim but also carries a personal style managing to avoid imitating the legendary English band and present us with a unique sound.

Although the Arts Of Erebus logos are heavily influenced by The Fields Of The Nephilim, their tracks stand on a different level.

Always within the Gothic Rock limits but sometimes flirting with other styles (“On the Edge of Insanity” and “Spark of Hope” have some Paradise Lost touch).

There is the calm but somehow epic “Insight in Darkness” (were the sequencer sounds quite refreshing) and the closing track of the album, “Epilogue (Die is a Cast)”.

The 11 tracks of “An Open Case of Parousia” can take the listener on a journey to the world of Arts of Erebus and back.

If you want to do it, HERE is the link…

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