Attrition – The Unraveller of Angels

01 Jul

ATTRITION - The unraveller of angels vinyl LP cover

Attrition remains as Martin Bowes’s music vehicle for 33 years, 21 albums, and 16 singles.

Touring all these years from Siberia to Brazil, and from USA to Greece, playing alongside or collaborating with artists such as The Smiths, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Legendary Pink Dots, Kirlian Camera, In The Nursery, Chris & Cosey, Nina Hagen, Lene Lovich, Apoptygma Bezerk , Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Die Form, Caroline Seaman (This Mortal Coil/Heavenly Bodies), VNV Nation, Clan of Xymox, Cruxshadows, and many more.

The Unraveller of Angels” is the latest Attrition album, finding Martin Bowes teaming up with US singer Tylean on vocals.  Bearing in mind that Martin Bowes is the co-founder of the music technology department at City College in Coventry, even the person that never heard of this band before would understand that these 10 tracks of the album will be something special…

Opening with “The Unraveller” the listener gets a small taste of the haunting soundscapes that will follow.  “Karma Mechanic”, storms in with a brake-beat while Bowes narrates “She’s a Carnival ride/She’s the thorn in my side/She’s epidemic/She’s my Queen”.

Narcissist” is an electro jewel that was released as a download-only EP during March in order to become a hit in every industrial/goth dance floor.

In the same dance mood, “Histrionic” that follows, is filled by the haunting violin and Cellos of Matt Howden (Seiben etc), Erica Mullcey (Unwoman), and Kitty Thompson, while Tylean adds a special touch with her backing vocals (something which is repeated in almost all the tracks of the album ).

A T T R I T I O N logoAnother excellent track follows titled “One Horse Rider” that carries an atmosphere of desperation and isolation while Bowes calmly spits out the words “For those about to die here/Lighten up/and those into survival/Frighten us/Damn this one horse rider…

Distorted snare drums, filtered guitar licks, a crawling violin melody, “Snakepit” holds its own freaky world…

Suicidal ?/I’m your engineer”. That’s the chorus line of “Suicide Engineer” followed by the melancholic violin lines and the funeral-like beat of “The Causal Agent”. The song evolves after a while into an aggressive anthem thanks to the tribal drumming and Tylean’s vocals.

Hollow Latitudes” reveals Bowes’s side that flirts with classic music, blending Annie Hogan’s (Marc and the Mambas, Nick Cave, etc.) piano with two violins. Creepy industrial sounds are added in the process as the lyrics refer to almost every single song of the album.

“The Unraveller of Angels” closes with the introduction of the instrumental track, “The Internal Narrator”, and Annie Hogan (?) playing the piano chords, providing a very special feeling (sounds like harpsichord sometimes) while Ian Arkley (My Silent Wake, Seventh Angel) kicks in with guitar feed-backs. The scene is set for Martin Bowes to add a final touch with his minimalistic electronic rhythm and some dark ambient atmosphere.

It’s easy to see why the album reflects a cinematic atmosphere since Martin Bowes is also involved in film scores.

An excellent production by Martin Bowes in his own The Cage studios where he mixed and/or produced a lot of other artists during the last years such as Psychic TV, Steven Severin, Ed Kaspel, Merzbow, Annie Hogan with Nick Cave and Marc Almond, and many more…

There’s lots of guest appearances on this album, too, such as Mona Mur (Einsturzende Neubauten, En Esch etc), Matt Howden, Annie Hogan, Erica Mulkey, Ian Arkely, Jyri Glynn, Joanna Dalin, and more.

The photography is by Holger Karas.

Martin is currently working with filmmakers on a documentary and music videos to accompany the album, and is planning tours in Europe, North and South America, New Zealand, and more…

“The Unraveller of Angels” was released in April 2013 on CD, and during May on vinyl and you can order it from HERE


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