Flood of Tears – 2012

03 Jul

2012 cover

Peter Murphy will visit Argentina to play at Teatro Vorterix on August 12 2013.

The opening act is the local band Flood of Tears that supported Wayne Hussey, The Mission UK and The Sisters Of Mercy when they visited Argentina in the past.

Flood of Tears were formed in Buenos Aires and so far they have toured Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

Their third release is titled “2012” and was released in 2010.
(The debut album “Flood of Tears” was released in 2004 and their second album “Rain Falls” in 2008).

On the 12 tracks of “2012” the four members of the band are blending new wave with trad goth elements to present us with their own interesting style.
That’s because this album is a compilation.
7 out of the12 tracks were recorded in 2005 and 2008 and the rest of them will be featured on their next album.

As I never listened to their previous releases before (and, to be honest, I took a look on the information of the album), listening to it, I realised that Flood of Tears started as an old school Gothic Rock band, since the songs “Love Don’t Work”, “End of The Road”, “When The Night Kills The Day”, were recorded in 2005.

Then the band started flirting with new wave: “Can’t Trust My Eyes” (has a David Bowie influence), “Sexy Woman” (has a smart dance beat that will make you tap your foot) and “Busholini” (an other dance song which was censored in many local radio stations) were all recorded in 2008.

There is also a great cover here, on Johnny O’Keefe’s “The Wild One” (Iggy Pop’s cover as “Wild One (Real Wild Child)” made it an even bigger hit…)

The rest of the songs were recorded probably in 2009 (the album was released by late 2010) and finds the band blending all the experience gained through past years in order to explore new but always dark musical directions (some industrial influences on “Integrator PI”, and “The World”, a country western touch on “Sally” that evolves in to an anthemic chorus etc…)

If you are into Gothic Rock, you will find “2012” very interesting.
If you live in Argentina, don’t miss their shows cause they must be great…

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