Rossetti’s Compass – Tear Garden

05 Jul

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Rossetti’s Compass released their 9 track album “Tear Garden” in 2013 (4 tracks on the vinyl release plus 5 more on the digital one).

This is the debut for the duo Mark Warner and Per Aksel Lundgreen who are not new to the music world.

Mark Warner is a former member of Sudeten Creche and is also a member of Touching the Void with Andy Oppenheimer (formerly Oppenheimer Analysis, Oppenheimer MK II and Major Impact). Amongst Mark’s other works are remixes for bands such as Angst Pop, HNN, Kant Kino and Technomancer.

Per Aksel Lundgreen recorded his first demo in 1987 with his first project, ULL, an industrial-found-environmental objects-noise band. Later on, he formed Angst Pop, and during 1990-1994 he was a full-time member of Apoptygma Berzerk.

Cronos Titan and Chinese Detectives were two more projects of his.

In 2012, he started with production-work and remixes for other artists (bands including Sudeten Creche, Leather Strip, Die Krupps, Attrition, Carlos Peron) and also cooperating with young keyboard wiz Roy-Julian Digre of Technomancer.

Early in 2013, Per Aksel joined forces with Mark Warner in Rossetti’s Compass and also joined Norwegian 80’s synthpop sensation Shatoo as a permanent member.

Rossetti’s Compass were formed in 2010 to allow exploration of different directions in music ranging from pure synth pop to dark and menacing electro and EBM.

This is exactly what one will find, listening to this EP.

The album opens with the song “Tear Garden” finding the two musicians in a dance mood. Old school synth pop with sequencers and a calm voice almost narrating.
An Italo Disco version of this track is available on the digital release only, (titled “Tear Garden – Disko remix by Kant Kino”) where the dance beat is boosted, there is an additional new synth riff, samples and in general a more appropriate version for the dance floor.

In This Together” (written by Stephan Groth, the man behind Apoptygma Berzerk) is a cute pop ballad but I was curious to listen to the two versions of the next track titled “In Your Hands”.

The first version is flirting with the European synth pop sound of the 80’s.
The other version (available only on the digital release) is titled “In Your Hands (Chloral Haze Remix by Clive Pierce HardCORPS)” and it is completely different.
The tempo is kinda slower, the riff on the synth is manipulated differently, the drum loop is more in the spirit of the 90’s and there is a different atmosphere in general.

Bleed” that follows is closer to EBM or as many people call it, “Future Pop”.
As the rest of the 3 songs of the tracks of the EP, this one is produced by Angst Pop too.
This is where Rossetti’s Compass build the bond between 80’s synth pop and EBM so I guess they succeeded covering almost every phase of electro music.

On the digital release one can also find “Desire (Burning Flesh Remix by ATTRITION)”. A trippy little diamond based on sequencers, that stands out thanks to the Lady’s voice on the background.

My Will (Master Slave Remix by Technomancer)” and “Echo” are both available on the digital release.
The first one is a hard techno track aiming directly to the European dance floors and the second one is a constantly evolving electronic soundscape.

“Tear Garden” will satisfy every synth pop fan.

You can order the vinyl version HERE

You can order the digital version HERE


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