The Hiram Key – Escape from Tzolk’in

08 Jul

Escape from Tzolk'in - Album Cover

The Hiram Key is the brainchild of singer and guitarist Gary Clarke.

The new Hiram Key album is titled “Escape from Tzolk’in” (the previous album, “Amerikafka” was released in 2011).

Tzolk’in is the basic cycle of the Maya calendar and by saying that, the journey begins.

Gary Clarke writes, plays and records all of the music with a few contributions from various musicians from around the globe.

Although it is obvious that he is influenced by The Cure (it couldn’t be otherwise as Clarke is also the leader of the Cureheads, the official tribute band of the Cure) the album opens with a superb track titled “Zero Gravity”.

“Zero Gravity” is the post punk jewel on the crown of “Escape from Tzolk’in”.  It can easily become classic.  There is something pure in this song that you could only find in 80’s bands such as The Sound, B Movie, Sad Lovers & Giants.  By adding a nice modern production (with a little help from the singer/guitarist of Stereo Juggernaut, Spooky) to the whole idea, Clarke managed to give us a unique track.

There is one more track which differs from the main sonic body of the album, the song “Sensation”.  A filtered sequencer battles with a guitar riff over a dance rhythm, while Clarke repeats “Sensation Overload”.

“Escape from Tzolk’in” holds 7 more tracks which will make Cure fans very happy ( “The Dark”, “Anything”, “Breathing Ice”, “Dizzy Christmas”, “No more Snow for Sean”, “The Lie”, “Return to OZ”).  All of them good tunes but none of them as good as “Zero Gravity”.

There is also the alternative “Electrostar”.

“Escape from Tzolk’in” finds The Hiram Key more mature and with a hit track that I believe it can stand the test of time.

Click HERE to buy the album.

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