Public Image Limited – This is PiL

10 Jul


To be honest, I wasn’t happy to see John Lydon advertising a butter on tv. At least, now I know that the money he earned for this ad, financed P.I.L.’s reunion and by listening to “This is PiL” you can say it was worth the freaking out.

This album is coming out after a seventeen year hiatus with early members Lu Edmonds and Bruce Smith (also drumming for The Pop Group) along with veteran bassist Scott Firth. It was recorded at Steve Winwood’s studio and it was ready within a month.

What about it’s content then? Well, after a 17 year hiatus you get a bit confused at the end. The result is puzzled not dull, raw not naive, angry not wrathful. The genious is still out there but it was not captured enough during the recordings. There are songs that take you back to the glory days such as “Fool“, “Deeper Water” or “Reggie Song“; this does not mean that the rest of the album is weak. Simply, “This is PiL” is doomed to compete the entire P.I.L. catalogue.

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