Christos Alexopoulos – Mean Time

15 Jul


Christos Alexopoulos is one of the most remarkable greek composers with an extensive and interesting cv, starting from his service in Common Sense; he donated his keyboard genius to these  greek alternative rock pioneers before departing for good, commensing a rather hectic solo career.

Apart form his five solo albums since 1999 plus a children’s music release, Alexopoulos holds a project called 3rd Man Element and runs a label called Puzzelmusik that surprises with its diverse releases…and he teaches music as well…

Mean Time” is the composer’s views on post-rock, psychedelia, ambient and free jazz. All those genres do not confuse the listener, they lead them deeper to Alexopoulos’ universe instead. The dark ambient intro of “Just a Thought” takes you smoothly to the flower pop of “Waiting for the Cloud to Rain“, while the romance of “Dedication” is decomposed by an abstract drum roll. The album also contains “Is This Real?“, a sound text composition which was selected and performed at Musica Viva Festival 2012, in Portugal.

If you intend to encounter a talented and promising composer, “Mean Time” is a good start.

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