Clutch _14_07 @Entertainment Stage, Athens (Supporting act: Planet of Zeus)

15 Jul


Clutch have become the darlings of the Athenian heavy rock fans and that was more than obvious in the full house of Entertainment Stage in Athens last night. Tickets had been sold out some months ago although that was their third time perfoming here.

Fortunately, the indoor venue was fully air-contitioned therefore we didn’t have any heat stroke victims. But promoters should think wisely before calling Clutch next summer; an open venue would be ideal for more than 2000 souls.

The show opened with Planet of Zeus, the local heavy rock heroes who have established a strong fan base and they were the perfect choice to warm up the crowd. Their hits “Vanity Suit” and “Leftovers” moved the venue a few inches for sure, but that does not mean that the rest of their set left the mosh pit indifferent. Well done guys!

Clutch came up on stage at 10.30 and opened with “Earth Rocker” by their homonymous new album which caused mass frenzy to the crowd which continued accompanying Neil Fallon for the whole set. That means that “The Mob Goes Wild” was not chosen by accident to follow. The band seemed to enjoy and Fallon credited the greek crowd as the best of their recent tour, confirmed by his photo shoots and curtsey at the end of the show.

After gooving us all with “D.C. Sound Attack” and some good portion of the “Earth Rocker” album, it was time for “The Regulator” which is enshrined as their bigger hit and crowd favourite. Jean-Paul Gaster demonstrated his drumming talent with an extensive drum solo before entering “Burning Beard” and counted down their perofrmance before the encore with “Electric Worry” and “One Eye Dollar”.

One hour and a half was not enough for the insatiable audience which would bear with two or more hours more, but all good things come to an end. And this night both the band and the fans..

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