Monica’s Last Prayer – Wolves in the Streets (EP)

16 Jul


Monica’s Last Prayer are celebrating twenty years haunting the gothic and post-punk whereabouts. After three albums, a mini album and one ep, they’re back with the “Wolves in the Streets” ep.

The band started as a side-project by Paul Broome who was doing the guitars for Earth Calling Anglela (a band that is also recently reborn). What you expect in this ep, is raw electro and disciplined post-punk the way it was before 1980 when musicians were recording with 4-track recorders and the albums were going hand to hand on vinyl or cassettes.

Format Wars” is paying tribute to the above roots, “Tooth and Claw” is a stressful and dark dance piece, “Leber Leber” is a dissertation on early british post-punk and “Wolves” is a chaotic post-punk theme which is interrupted by psychedelic vocals referring to Syd Barrett and the Beatles.

Sometimes ep’s seem to play the role of a reminder of the band with doubtful quality of songs. “Wolves in the Streets does not fit this category.

You can buy this ep HERE

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