Sub 7 and The UnDead – A Vampire Tale

17 Jul

Sub 7 and The UnDead

Sub 7 and The UnDead

Love, lust, and one man’s search for his forever True Love… A thousand years of passage with the sound of Celtic drums of a Scottish influence… A single feast of frenzy much like a black rose of death with the promise of everlasting life… Is it an undead curse or the insatiable hunger for man’s romantic notion of immortality…

Alistair Ian Darkwater was originally inspired by the photo shoot for their then-upcoming album, “Awaken the Night”, a concept album which was released in 2010 by the band Sub 7 and The UnDead. Teaming up with Matt St. Jean, a longtime friend with a passion for writing, thus began the opening motivational push behind Darkwater’s first attempt at writing his own theatrical production.

Although it was released three years ago, we now present it for two reasons:

  1. We just learned of the release, and…
  2. The band recently announced that during the week of September 16th through the 22nd they will be performing at the Griffen Theater in the bewitching historical town of Salem, Massachusetts.

The band is also about to release their new album, “Symphony in Blood“, and a strong point attesting to our interest in this far-away band is the fact that we have never presented any Rock Opera on tribe4mian

Sub 7 and the UnDead is a hard rock band that tells the story of the seven original vampires from Europe that populated the Earth in the 12th Century as it is seen through the eyes of Alistair Darkwater, a noble man born in a small Scottish town in 1123.

From what I could discern from their video trailer for “Awaken the Night”, each specific character is played by actors separate from the musicians in their live performances.

Apart from Alistair Darkwater there are the characters of Arabella Pennywell, Christina Dangustino, Collette Kingsley, Juliana Anastasia, and Guenivier Cul De Luf.

There are 11 tracks on this hard rock album.

Sometimes I can trace a Judas Priest – especially a Rob Halford – influence (on “Bleed Me”), and other times the band goes industrial using razor sharp guitars, distorted loops, and single piano, a la Nine Inch Nails, notes such as the instrumental “Just a Taste” (which is a great track by the way…).

The album has its mystical and melancholic moments, (“The Night Is Calling” is one of them, with its guitar crescendo surprisingly attacking the piano loneliness), but as most of the songs are into a classic hard rock mood, Sub 7 and the UnDead scratches just the surface of industrial without getting any deeper…

This helps a lot for the album to “breathe”. Of course on the other hand, it has to do with the play and this is what makes concept albums a difficult task for musicians.

It’s not only writing good music but also to act upon a good script, direct it, put together the structure of each song depending on the demand of the story-line, and have a good production in general.

Writing and putting together a “Tommy” or any other of those big-time rock operas was not an easy task…

There is also the track “Look Deep Within” with its uplifting anthemic chorus, “Tonight We Feast” with its catchy guitar line turning into a big and powerful chorus riff (that could make Tony Iommi very happy).

I think “The Monster I Am” is the most romantic of the album with its electronic approach while “We Are The Damned”, the closing track of the album, starts as a hard rock thunder to evolve into one more anthemic chorus.

“Awaken the Night” has all the ingredients to satisfy the hard rock listener.

With both feet on a hard rock basis but with an interest to experiment with other genres such as industrial, Sub 7 and the UnDead use all the weapons of their arsenal to give life to Alistair Ian Darkwater and his story.

Sub 7 and the UnDead

I am sure the band will also be very interesting on stage so, don’t miss the chance to see them live…

You can preview and purchase “Awaken the Night” through CD Baby and other major digital media outlets.

You can gather more information, including bios for each character through their official site:  Sub 7 and The UnDead.

And for a taste of what’s to come on their forthcoming release, check out, Don’t Cry For Me at Soundcloud.

Alistair Ian Darkwater (David Sarracino 2011)

“I’m everything that you dream about… I’m everything that you want to be…

And if you get close enough… You might take that journey with me…”

~Alistair Ian Darkwater


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